Identify employees and link their Employee Assistance

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: HCM ethical scenarios and peer assessment HCM Ethical Scenarios Each student will be asked to write 500 words in response to each of the following scenarios: Scenario 1: We can now ‘probabilistically' identify employees and link their Employee Assistance Program -EAP- use with their absence record to improve well-being programs- Should we do this???? Scenario 2: Social network analysis and text analysis of work email traffic -who contacts whom, what is said- allows more accurate estimation of employee engagement- Can we analyse this type of data???? Why or why not???? Source: Guenole, N-, Feinzig, S- and Green D- -2018- The Grey Area - Ethical Dilemmas in HR Analytics- IBM USA, Amarok America pg 7 Justify the ethical and social implications of collecting and using employee data within existing legal and ethical frameworks Attachment:- HCM ethical scenarios-rar

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