Identify at least two business systems that support the

Assignment Detail:- BSBLDR523 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships Unit describes the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage effective workplace relationships- The unit applies to individuals in leadership or management positions who have a prominent role in establishing and managing processes and procedures to support workplace relationships- These individuals apply the values, goals and cultural diversity policies of the organisation- They use complex and diverse methods and procedures as well as a range of problem solving and decision making strategies, which require the exercise of considerable discretion and judgement- Question 1Complete the table below:a- Identify at least two business systems that support the development of effective work relationships-b- Briefly explain how each system supports the development of effective work relationships- Question 2Bounce Fitness is a premier fitness centre with four centres across Australia- Access the link below to learn more about Bounce Fitness- Bounce Fitness Scenario Website:Complete the table below:a- Identify at least two Bounce Fitness policies and procedure documents related to the development of effective work relationships- Use the link below to access Bounce Fitness's policies and procedures:Policies and Procedures:b- Briefly explain how each policy and procedure supports the development of effective work relationships Question 3Answer the guide questions below about interpersonal stylesa- Define interpersonal styles-b- Briefly explain the relevance of interpersonal styles to work relationships Question 4Complete the table below:a- Identify at least two communication skillsb- Briefly explain how each communication skill identified can help improve work relationships Question 5Briefly explain how each concept listed below is relevant to workplace relationships- a- Consultationb- Cultural Sensitivityc- Social Sensitivityd- Networkinge- Conflict Resolution Question 6Access the legislation applicable to your state/territory that you identified in the preliminary taskand complete the table below:a- Identify at least two requirements provided in the legislation that is relevant to managing effective work relationshipsb- Briefly explain how each requirement can be implemented in the workplace to manage effective workplace relationships Question 7Identify methods that can be used to develop processes for the following situations- a- Identify at least one method that can be used to develop a process for consulting with employeesb- Identify at least one method that can be used to develop a process for conflictmanagementc- Identify at least one method that can be used to develop a process for task issue management BOUNCE FITNESS CASE SCENARIO You are to review the scenario below and prepare a response to the situation based on each of the Assessment Part instructions- Discrimination can be a source of heated conflict, potentially ending in legal trouble for a company or its owners- Discriminatory conflicts can arise from personal prejudices on the part of employees or perceptions of mistreatment of employees- Brian is employed as a Customer Service Officer at Bounce Fitness- He is 66 years old and is unsure as to what age he will retire-He has worked at Bounce Fitness for more than 10 years and participates in mandatory workplace training every 12 months- Brian's role is to receive and respond to incoming telephone calls and emails from Bounce Fitness customers- Brian has recently made a complaint to the human resources department and has claimed to have been experiencing age discrimination from his work colleagues- Brian says that for two years he has been subjected to offensive and inappropriate comments regarding his age- He claims, for example, that he was called an ‘old man' and ‘expired' and discovered there is a betting game currently being played about his possible date and age of retirement- Brian also claims that the persistent comments have caused him much distress and isolation within his team- As Brian's Manager, Tina Morrison from H-R has requested you to follow up on this complaint and produce a response that: • Clearly identifies the key issue/s• Recommends ways to resolve any conflict• Promotes the company's cultural diversity and ethical environment within in your team ASSESSMENT TASK A: SUPPORTING EMPLOYEES INSTRUCTIONS You will be placed in groups during class time by your Trainer these will be conducted as leadership meetings- Once allocated to your group, you will each be required to discuss and advise on the issues Brian is facing at Bounce Fitness and document your answers to the following questions: Question 1:As a group agree and provide a summary of the key issues in a word document relating to the situation as described above- You will need to outline how these issues relate to and may impact Brian's work responsibilities- Question 2:After your leadership meeting is finished, you must each individually develop your own plan that outlines the steps you will take to promptly manage Brian's complaints or any other Bounce Fitness employee- You should also describe how these steps should comply with Bounce Fitness policies and procedures as listed on the website Question 3:Describe in your own words how you will provide feedback to Brian and other staff on the outcomes of the consultation process- ASSESSMENT TASK B: Develop An Issue Management Plan And ProcessINSTRUCTIONS You will be allocated into groups during class time by your Trainer and you are required to consult with your leadership team on TWO processes:Question 1- Develop a process on escalating matters of discriminationQuestion 2- Design a flow diagram based on the escalation process agreed in the leadership team- Question 1:You are required to develop a process where issues can be raised by employees on matters of anti-discrimination, equal opportunity, or workplace conflict and where can be resolved promptly or referred to relevant personnel- Please reference and complete the table below together in your allocated groups- Title / Name of the processProcess ScopeCreated by:Date created:Key Stakeholders in process:Issues faced by Bounce Fitness employees:Employee statements of discrimination in the workplace:Options for resolution:Action Plan as agreed by Bounce Fitness leadership team for implementation:Agreed process on how to monitor outcomes: Question 2:You are now required to consult with your leadership and develop a flow diagram that outlines the process for how Bounce Fitness should manage, implement and follow up on issues raised -as above- by an employee- ASSESSMENT TASK C: UNDERSTANDING PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP INSTRUCTIONS You are required to create a Leadership Guide for Bounce Fitness leadership team on how to display professional leadership behaviour and conduct in their role as a manager or team leader- Your Leadership Guide should include the following headings and information: Heading 1 - Summary of leadership guide: listing ways you gain, or how you could gain and maintain the trust and confidence of colleagues and external contacts- Heading 2 - Methods of communication: suggest ways to adjust interpersonal communication styles to meet Bounce Fitness- organisational cultural diversity and an ethical environment- Heading 3 - Leadership techniques: suggest how to guide and support teams with adversity and changes to the workplace environment- ASSESSMENT TASK D: AGE DISCRIMINATION; CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND ETHICS INSTRUCTIONS You are required to develop and deliver a PowerPoint presentation specifically for the leadership team to be used for a Bounce Fitness training workshop on the topic of age discrimination and promoting the organisations cultural diversity and ethical environment- You need to coordinate a time with your Trainer to deliver the presentation during class time and you will be observed during your presentation by your Trainer- Your presentation needs to be in the context of Bounce Fitness, and you need to provide information on the following topics: 1- Discuss and demonstrate an understanding of the laws on age discrimination- 2- How will Bounce Fitness promote cultural diversity and ethical environments through equal opportunity- 3- How to manage conflict constructively within the work team by providing an example of Brian's situation and solution from Part 1- 4- Best practice ideas on building effective workplace relationships and understanding the importance of workplace diversity- 5- A flow chart which outlines from start to finish the issue resolution process at Bounce Fitness demonstrating how the leadership team can provide guidance, counselling, and support to assist employees in resolving their work difficulties- Attachment:- Lead and manage effective workplace relationships-rar

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