Identify at least one method of promoting the principle of

Assignment Detail:- BSBPEF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence Short Answer Questions Question 1Outlined below are the attributes of emotional intelligence- Identify at least two ways of applying each attribute in the workplace-a- Self-awarenessb- Self-managementc- Social awarenessd- Relationship Management Question 2Answer the following questions on the principles of emotional intelligence using your own words-a- Describe the principle of self-awareness-b- Identify and briefly explain the three competencies of self-awareness-Competencies identified here refer to the observable skills required to demonstrate self-awareness-c- Describe the principle of empathy-d- Identify and define the three kinds of empathy- Question 3Identify at least two strategies for using emotional intelligence- For each identified strategy, identify at least two methods- Briefly explain each identified method for each strategy-Emotional Intelligence StrategiesMethods to Implement in Emotional Intelligence StrategyExplanation for Methods in Emotional Intelligence Strategy Question 4The following are different scenarios depicting employees from two different backgrounds- Read through each scenario and identify at least one strategy that can be used to communicate with each employee effectively- Scenario 1Takashi is working as a fitness instructor for Bounce Fitness- He is an excellent and efficient employee seen in his work ethic and the feedback from members of the fitness centre- He tends to be quiet during work-related events such as meetings and lunch outs- He also relies on non-verbal signals such as facial expressions and body language to convey his responses to his workgroup members- He often avoids eye contact with his workgroup members due to social anxiety- Scenario 2Michael works as a fitness instructor for Bounce Fitness- He is very direct, clear, transparent, and open about work-related matters- He is also easily frustrated when something doesn't go his way- When frustrated, Michael makes unnecessary comments about his workgroup members' work ethics, causing some colleagues to view him as rude and aggressive- Question 5Below are two principles of emotional intelligence- For each area:• Identify at least one method of promoting the principle of emotional intelligence in other people-• Briefly explain how the method promotes the area of emotional intelligence in other people-Principle of Emotional IntelligenceMethod of Promoting Principle of Emotional Intelligence in Other PeopleHow the Method Promotes the Principle of Emotional Intelligence in Other People Question 6Briefly explain how emotional intelligence improves workplace relationships-

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