Identify and prioritise nursing interventions and perform

Assignment Detail:- Simulation based assessment task: In order to undertake various activities related to this task, you must assume the role of a community health nurse- You are at Mrs Meng's home today to provide nursing care as per the agreed nursing care plan provided below- Mrs Meng is a 78 years old Japanese lady who lives with her daughter- The daughter is Mrs Meng's carer at home- Mrs Meng is suffering from vascular dementia and is often confused- MEDICAL HISTORY Age: 78 years- Body built: Thin- Past medical history: Asthma x 20 years with no severe episodes since 2014, was treated with regular corticosteroids until the age of 65 years- Hypertension x 26 years, Diabetes Mellitus x 20 years- CVA in 2006- Diagnosed with vascular dementia and moderate confusion- Past surgical history: Total hip replacement -left- in 2005- Family history: Mother had osteoporosis and underwent total hip replacement- Father died of cancer- Life style: Alcoholic x 52 years, quit drinking in 2005- Activities of daily living: Requires assistance with activities of daily living- Mobility: Ambulates with Zimmer Frame- Stooped posture- Medications: On anti hypertensive medicines, diabetic medicines and anticoagulants- Continence: Client is continent of bowel and bladder- Food and appetite: No issues are noted with regards to chewing or swallowing- Appetite is fair- On diabetic and low cholesterol diet- Your assessor will alternatively play the role of Mrs Meng and the registered nurse when you demonstrate the following activities in relation to this scenario- a- Identify and prioritise nursing interventions and perform nursing care to Mrs Meng as per the care plan- You must plan and adjust nursing interventions to assist Mrs Meng to meet her daily living activities- b- Monitor, evaluate and document Mrs Meng's response to nursing interventions and the progress toward primary health goals-Submit the completed progress notes as additional evidence- Note: Assume that the carer informed you that Mrs Meng's blood sugar values and blood pressure were fluctuating from the time the care plan was developed- The carer is worried that Mrs Meng may suffer from hypoglycemia and hypotension as she occasionally complains about dizziness- c- Report findings in relation to activity -b- to the relevant interdisciplinary health care team- d- Review and update the care plan for Mrs Meng to address her specific primary health care needs- The progress notes and care plan templates are provided with the procedure checklist for task 2-

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