Identify and list key provisions of relevant WHS Acts,

Assignment Detail:- BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs Questions 1 Access the Commonwealth Work Health and Safety Act-In relation to WHS risk management in the workplace, outline the legal responsibilities and duties of the following workplace representatives -minimum three dot points per answer-a- Managersb- Supervisorsc- Persons conducting businesses or undertakings -PCBUs- 2 Access the Commonwealth Work Health and Safety Act-a- Who is considered a worker -list five possible workers under the Act-???? b- In relation to WHS risk management in the workplace, outline the legislated duties of a worker- Ensure you cite the legislation and section you sourced this information from- 3 Identify and list key provisions of relevant WHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice that apply to the business and outline how they apply in the work area -200-400 words-- 4 List four topics an Employer must provide information and instruction to workers regarding- 5 List five area organisational procedures are necessary to implement hazard identification, risk management, fire, emergency and evacuation, incident investigation and reporting programs- 6 Information can be communicated at the workplace using various methods, list three- 7 In areas where hard-copy information is appropriate, organisations must ensure the manual is in a prominent, accessible location and all workers know where it is located- If the information is in electronic format, ensure all workers have access and know where the files are located- When there are WHS updates, all relevant workers must be informed-Locate and name a minimum of five policies and procedures in your simulated or real workplace here- PROGRAMS LIST EXISTING PROCEDURESConsultation Policy or procedureRisk management policy or procedureHazard identification procedure or formsRisk management planHSC Committee Minutes templateInjury and incident reporting programEmergency evacuation and fire procedures 8 Unless a culture of co-operation through consultation exists in a workplace, the likelihood of change success is limited- Provide TWO examples of formal communication and consultation mechanisms and TWO examples of informal communication and consultation mechanisms relating to WHS- When would it be appropriate to use them, and note the key personnel that would beinvolved????9 a- Give a brief account of how the hierarchy of control will be applied in the work area????b- List the levels the ‘hierarchy of control' is made up of-10 List various hazards in your workplace or simulated workplace -minimum of seven WHS/OHS hazards-- 11 List a minimum of two WHS training needs to be undertaken by each of the following individuals/teams-• Managers• Supervisors• HSRs• HSCs• Workers 12 What duties are imposed on Employers under S79 of the Work Health and Safety Act -CTH-- 13 How can information be shared in an organisation???? List five methods- 14 Develop in consultation with a workgroup -simulated or real-, a training matrix- Must include at least the following levels of responsibility within the organisation- Managers/Supervisors/HSRs/HSCs/Workers-15 Describe two opportunities the organisation can use Mentoring and Coaching whilst developing WHS skills and knowledge- 16 Explore the cost associated with training- List five costs that may need to be presented in a training cost analysis- Ensure you give example values/costs- ASSESSMENT 2 You will be required to undertake TWO -2- main assessment tasks in order to successfully complete this Assessment- This Project Assessment will require you to demonstrate evidence of your ability to: • Explain clearly and accurately to a work team the relevant work health and safety -WHS- information including:• WHS legislative and organisational requirements• Identified hazards and outcomes of risk assessment and control • Ensure that the team has access to information about WHS policies, procedures and programs in appropriate structure and language • Implement and monitor procedures according to organisational and legislative WHS requirements including:• Consultation and communications to enable team members to participate in managing WHS risks and hazards• Identifying WHS training needs and providing learning opportunities, coaching and mentoring as appropriate to needs• Identifying, reporting and taking action on WHS hazards and risks• Identifying and reporting inadequacies in existing risk controls and monitoring outcomes to ensure a prompt organisational response• Reporting on the cost of WHS training• Keeping WHS records• Analysing aggregate WHS data to identify hazards and monitor risk control procedures in work area- This Assessment Project can be based on the Scenario below OR a department within the organisation where you are currently employed OR an alternative organisation of your choice-In order to complete this assessment project, you are able to work either individually or in groups of between 4 to 6 students -your work team--Student Instructions:1- You must complete the full project and provide enough information to demonstrate sufficient understanding of what has been asked to achieve competency2- Your work on this assessment should be on a separate document using word processing software such as MSWord & or other software -handwritten submissions are only acceptable with prior approval from your Trainer-3- Your document should be properly formatted and titled with the Unit Code and Assessment number -e-g- BSBWHS411 Assessment 2--4- Ask your trainer/assessor if you do not understand what is required in this assessment- Whist your trainer/assessor cannot tell you the answer, he/she will be able to offer you guidance in the requirements of the task or provide further assistance based on the Institute's "Reasonable Adjustment Policy"5- The document you produce should primarily be your own words and not plagiarised, nor copied6- Material taken directly from other sources must be presented in quotation marks -" "- and be suitably referenced You and your work team are now ready to undertake TWO -2- main Assessment tasks in order to successfully complete this Assessment- This Project Assessment will require you to: 1- Prepare a Presentation -PowerPoint or equivalent- which outlines and contextualises: • Key WHS concepts for your work team and contractors• The Vending Machine Relocation process 2- Participate in a WHS Team Training Session Role Play • Use the PowerPoint presentation you and your group have created as the content for your WHS Team Training session ASSESSMENT TASK 1: WHS CONCEPTS & VENDING MACHINE RELOCATION In your groups outline the following concepts -to be created & presented in PowerPoint- and to be used during the observed training session you will be undertaking- 1- Develop and outline each of the following WHS concepts A- Federal versus Victorian WHS/OH&S legislation- Why two sets of legislation????- History of the anomaly- What content would organisational policies and procedures need to include????- How could it effect those policies and procedures???? B- The roles and responsibilities of:a- WHS Committeesb- Health and Safety Representativesc- Safety Managersd- Senior Managerse- Auditors C- The concepts and implementation processes for:a- Consultationb- Dispute resolutionc- Trainingd- Coaching & Mentoringe- Recording of consultationsf- Currency of WHS in organisational policies and procedures 2- Contextualise and outline the Vending Machine Relocation process including: A- A thorough assessment of the potential hazards and risksi-e risk assessment and control B- A thorough set of workable, sensible and legal options to carry out the works utilising existing, recognised risk control measures and models C- A comprehensive set of control measures including:a- Staff/participant trainingb- WHS training costsc- Training effectivenessd- Industry Standards and benchmarks i-e Standard Operating Procedurese- Any training required regarding the works can be carried outf- Methods for monitoring outcomes once the move is completedg- Recording of data/outcomes including storageh- Consultation with stakeholders to analyse any gaps in risk control tool ASSESSMENT TASK 2: WHS TEAM TRAINING SESSION -ROLE PLAY- Once you have completed Assessment Part 1, you and your work team are now ready to deliver and participate in the WHS Team Training Session Role Play- During this Role Play you and your work team will be reviewing, discussing and participating in the simulated WHS Team Training Session- You will be using the content from the PowerPoint Presentation as the basis of the content for your session- You will be observed participating in the Role Play and your Trainer will be using the Observation Checklist attached to assess you for this component of the Project- As part of your preparations for the Training Session you will also need to prepare a Training Session Plan -A Template is included at Appendix 2- to support the structure and delivery of your WHS Team Training Session- Attachment:- Implement and monitor WHS policies-rar

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