Identify and justify appropriate type of product costing

Assignment Detail:- BUACC 5933 Cost and Management Accounting - Federation University In this course, we have focused on developing your understanding of the elements of management accounting, which provides organisations with relevant cost-related information to assist with their planning, controlling and decision-making- You will examine the process of identifying, determining, classifying, analysing and allocating costs to products and services- This assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate and apply your understanding of product design and costing in a practical manner- Required: Question 1- Design your product and provide it a name and a description and visual/picture of it -this can be your own drawing or an image from the internet with your brand/logo assigned to the image-- Justify your choice by explaining in detail the reasons why you select your product -i-e- is there a demand for it???? will it solve any social, environmental or financial issues???? etc--- What is your vision for the selected product???? Question 2- Estimate the product's Research and Development -R&D- and Design costs -as you will be undertaking the R&D, building a prototype, testing the product- You should assign yourself an hourly wage rate based on market research and keep a record of the activities and how many hours it took you to design your product- This will determine your R&D and Design costs-- Provide detailed explanations about your R&D processes/steps and how the selected product is manufactured- Question 3- Conduct market research -i-e-, search the internet, field research- to identify, estimate and determine the costs of your product's direct materials, direct labour, and manufacturing overhead -fixed and variable-- Clearly list and determine how much and types of materials, labour and other manufacturing resources will be required to produce one unit of your product and calculate your product's cost per unit- Explain the approach used to calculate the overhead cost per unit and clearly differentiate/list fixed and variable manufacturing overheads- Question 4- Upon the nature of your product, in 100 words, identify and justify appropriate type of product costing procedure -job versus process costing, or combination-- Please note that you must be consistent with your choice for costing the selected product in the following questions- Question 5- a- During June, let's suppose that the cost of your beginning inventory was $10,000 and ending inventory equalled $5,000, and you purchased materials to produce 500 units of your product- Calculate the cost of direct materials purchased and used in production in June- -Note that, from question 5 to 9, you can adjust the units sold to 1,000 depending on a prospect about your product- During June, the cost of your beginning work in process was $5,000, and ending was$10,000- Calculate the cost of goods manufactured using a cost of goods manufactured statement/schedule -for 500 units of your product- in June- During June, the cost of your beginning finished goods was $20,000 and ending finished goods equalled $10,000- Prepare a cost of goods sold statement for the month of June for 500 units produced and sold to customers- Question 6- Conduct market research to identify and estimate your downstream activities and the related costs -i-e-, marketing, packaging, handling, storing, distribution and so forth-- Explain how you will market and distribute your product in detail- Question 7- Determine the price of your product per unit and explain in detail how you determine the selling price -i-e-, cost-plus or customer value-based pricing, see Pricing strategies -Langfield- Smith et al-, 2018, p-967--- Question 8- Prepare an income statement -using absorption costing- for the month of June given that 500 units were sold- Your administrative expenses in June totalled $4,000, and the Australian company tax rate is 30%- Include all other relevant expenses for the month of June- Question 9- Work in group and use Kaltura Capture or Microsoft Teams to create an oral presentation clip with PowerPoint in 5 minutes to present the required information from the above questions -excluding questions 5 and 8-- The required presentation's purpose is to provide main reasons why your product has a potential market- Attachment:- Cost And Management Accounting-rar

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