Identify and document the WHS training requirements to

Assignment Detail:- BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area Part: Training Needs Analysis This task will require you to identify and document the WHS training requirements to develop a training program for at least one required personnel- Required personnel refer individuals working in the organisation who require additional training to fulfil their WHS obligations or advance their personal development- Use your workplace/organisation's template to complete this task, or use the Training Needs Analysis template provided at the Bounce Fitness site- To complete this task, you must:• Identify required training needs based on the procedures outlined in the Work Health and Management Plan -WHSMP- completed during Workplace Project Part 2• Consult at least one required personnel to determine the following:o Required WHS training needTraining need refers to the skills, information or capabilities that an individual or group requires to effectively carry out their WHS obligations-o Determining the training required to address each training need• Complete a training need analysis based on consultation with required personnel Review Workplace Project Part 10 - Assessor's Checklist before starting this task- This form outlines the following:• Resources you are required to access to complete the task- Discuss these resources with your assessor prior to starting this task• All criteria your submission must address to satisfactorily complete this task- You assessor will also discuss with you the criteria outlined in this form prior to the assessmentYour assessor will discuss these resources with you, and the criteria outlined in this form prior to this assessment-Submit the completed training needs analysis to your assessor-You must also submit evidence of your consultation with required personnel-Evidence must be at least one of the following:• Email correspondence• Meeting minutes• Video recording of communication/discussion with the stakeholderYou may use your organisation's templates for documenting your evidence or the generic templates provided along with this workbook-

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