Identify and describe the area and structures of the heart

Assignment Detail:- Case Study - Lynn Mrs Lynn Murdoch is a 58-year-old admitted into hospital with cellulitis to her left lower leg- Lynn has a history of hypertension, has a BMI of 35, type 2 diabetes mellitus, a sedentary lifestyle, and a family history of cardiovascular disease -mother died young from AMI--On day 3 of her admission, Lynn rings the call bell complaining of chest discomfortpain is radiatingbetween her scapula- On your initial assessment, Lynn looks pale and diaphoretic and does not look like her normal bright cheery self- As her nurse, you undertake a patient assessment including vital signs: Heart rate      98 bpmand irregular BP -MAP-       145/86 mmHg -105- RR                26 pm SpO2 -%-       95% on FiO2 0-21 Temperature   37-6 ºC Pain score      6/10- Her ECG indicates ST elevation in leads II, III, aVF indicative of a right coronary artery occlusion and thus is called an inferior STEMI -ST Elevated Myocardial Ischemia-- Question 1: Identify and describe the area and structures of the heart that is vascularised by the right coronary artery- Include in your answer the implications of the disruption of blood supply from the right coronary artery to this area--approx-250 words- Question 2: Explain and rationalise Lynn's symptoms that relate to the acute condition-approx-250 words- Question 3: Lynn has a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes- Identify the organ that is malfunctioning and give an explanation as to why this is occurring, include in your answer a brief outline of the two other organs that are affected with type2 diabetes and why they are affected-

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