Identify and critically analyse the intended and unintended

Assignment Detail:- MGT603 Systems Thinking - Torrens University Australia Learning Outcome 1: Analyse, select and apply systems modelling tools in integrating, optimising and enhancing business processes within contemporary organisations Learning Outcome 2: Synthesise technological and non-technological solutions to business problems that promote integration and that optimise whole-of-enterprise operations Assessment Part and Context There are two approaches towards improving systems, short-term approaches that normally addresses the symptoms and rarely help understand and address the cause of the problem, and long- term approaches, which allow managers to address the real cause-s- of the problem- In this assessment, students will try to solve a practical problem by using Systems Thinking tools called System Archetypes combined with value stream mapping- InstructionsMGT603 Assessment 3 is about uncovering the complexities in operations management generally, identifying key themes, intended and unintended consequences and proposing a holistic solution to the problem using a Systems Thinking lens- The following scenario study provides you with a brief overview of a hypothetical problem- Be aware that the scenario provided may not cover every detail that you will need to address in the Written Report, in which case, you will need to conduct additional research, including further research on how emergency departments function in any hospital- Scenario OverviewConsider yourself as part of a team responsible for managing the operations of an emergency department of a public hospital- The emergency department has received feedback from patients suggesting that the patient wait times need to be improved- The value stream map of the current operations is shown in the attached diagram- "You have been tasked with improving patient turnaround time by reducing the current time to half"- To complete the task you are required to "identify the various System Archetypes that affect the operations of the hospital and the emergency department itself" and based on the archetypes, develop a future State Value Stream Map of the emergency department- You will require to identify and critically analyse the intended and unintended consequences, recommending holistic solutions that will optimise the operations of the emergency department without compromising the performance of other functions of the hospital- Suggested format: Please make sure to number all sections and sub-sections-Executive Summary Table of Contents1- Introduction/Background 2- Main Discussion Analysis of the current state Value Stream Map of the emergency department based on system archetypes Identification and analysis of the system archetypes that may impede performance Recommended new State Value Stream Map with desired reduction in patient turnaround time Discussion on Intended and unintended consequences of the modified system 3- Conclusion 4- Recommendations 5- References ReferencingIt is essential that students use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Value_stream_map-rar

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