Identify and access the current and emerging industry

Assignment Detail:- Activity 1: You are required to write a report by obtaining and accessing the relevant information from different sources- You need to follow the below given instructions to do this task: PRJ 1: You need to identify and access the current and emerging industry structures and operations in the hospitality industry in order to assist operation duties at the Paramount hotel by using at least three information sources given below:• Developers of codes of conduct or ethics• Discussions with experienced industry personnel• Industry accreditation operators• Industry associations and organisations• Industry journals, reference books and seminars• Libraries and media• Networking with colleagues and suppliers• Personal observations and experience• Plain English documents, issued by government regulators, that describe laws relevant to the hospitality industry• Training courses• UnionsPRJ 2: You are required to obtain/seek and assess the information about the following aspects relevant to the hospitality industry by using technology such as a computer and other online information systems:1- Current and emerging hospitality products and services relevant to job role2- Laws specifically relevant to the hospitality industry in order to work compliantly3- Industry compliance issues and quality assurance schemes4- Career planning and equal employment opportunity -EEO- law5- Ethical industry practices6- Current and emerging technologies that impact on operational duties7- Career opportunities and relationship between other related industries You must refer to appendix 1 to get information and knowledge about some specific laws in hospitality industry- Activity 2:As you have gathered and obtained knowledge about the hospitality industries current aspects from different sources of information, you need to do the following activities in order to complete this unit: PRJ 3: You need to use your knowledge of hospitality industries' current and emerging products and service, laws, industry quality assurance schemes, ethical industry practices, by integrating the information that you have got from sources of information in order to enhance the quality of work performance, work compliantly and conduct day to day activities- You can use this information in different ways to enhance or improve the workplace practices- This needs to go into your report- PRJ 4: After getting the information about latest technology used in the hospitality industry, you need to suggest and use current and emerging technology in day of day work practices to improve workplace practices- This needs to go into your report- Activity 3: The management is very happy with the improved workplace practices report- Now you must update your knowledge and information about the hospitality industries aspects to improve the work environment to operate more efficiently- PRJ 5: In order to update the information, you are required to use different opportunities to update the current and emerging knowledge of the hospitality industry- You can get information and knowledge by accepting different opportunities such as discussion with experienced industry personnel and suppliers, participating in industry accreditation schemes, industry seminars, membership of professional industry associations, union membership and training courses- PRJ 6: You are required to monitor the current issues and trends of the hospitality industry to update your knowledge and information- PRJ 7: As the workplace practices are going well, your management asked you to share your updated knowledge and information with your colleagues as well- Conduct 3 professional development session and share the information and knowledge with tour team members as well-

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