Identify a person seeking support from your primary health

Assignment Detail:- Assessment task - Professional Practice Assessment Professional practice assessment task: You are required to analyse the health information and clinical presentation of one person in your primary healthcare setting to reach a substantiated conclusion about possible nursing interventions related to their primary health care needs, in consultation with a registered nurse- You must undertake the following activities in relation to this task: • Identify a person seeking support from your primary health care setting -and their support person- for a health issue- Approach the person accompanied by the registered nurse -this could be your Clinical Facilitator as well- and request whether you could liaise with the person and undertake a health assessment for the completion of this academic assessment-• After gaining consent from the client, provide a comfortable environment for the client to enable you to gather required information and undertake a health assessment- This could be the treatment room or interview room in your workplace-• Seek permission from the client and your supervisor or facilitator prior to using appropriate workplace documentation such as health assessment form and medical records- For this, it is recommended that you identify a client that has previous records with your workplace, i-e- has been visiting their own GP at the practice for some time-• After completing the required health assessment and history collection, you are required to discuss information gathered from the assessment of the client with appropriate members of the interdisciplinary health care team-• Based on the results of the client's clinical assessment, and in consultation with various members of the interdisciplinary health care team, make effective decisions on the nursing interventions-• Identify and prioritise nursing interventions according to the client's needs -set primary health goals--• Provide appropriate nursing interventions to the client under the supervision of the registered nurse-• Encourage the person, family or carer to assist with the person's self-care, as appropriate-• Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and adjust nursing interventions to assist the person to meet their daily living activities -where this is not practical in an organisational setting, the candidate is required to provide sufficient information to the client and/or family on how they could adjust the interventions to meet their daily activities--• Monitor and evaluate the person's response to nursing interventions and their progress toward primary health goals-• Report findings to relevant interdisciplinary health care team members-• Reflect on the nursing interventions you provided for the client- Use the following table to summarise your findings- The Host Facilitator or EQUALS' Clinical Facilitator will observe your performance and complete the observation checklist -provided in the logbook- and assessment outcome sections based on the skills you demonstrated, and the documentation completed- You should familiarise yourself with the observation checklist prior to undertaking the assessment-Age of the clientGender of the clientDate of seeking the primary health care Signs and symptoms of the presenting condition -Recognise clinical manifestations of health conditions affecting the health status of the client- Review the client's health records and summarise relevant findings Determine priority areas for implementation of the primary health care -hint: set primary health goals- Determine potential areas of risk for implementation of the primary health care Summarise the physical, psychological and social impacts of the identified health problem on daily living activities of the client Whom did you discuss client information with???? -You must liaise with more than one person of the interdisciplinary health care team- Provide a summary of your discussion -Hint: what did you discuss and what was the outcome of your discussion????- Outline actual or potential environmental health issues impacting the client Identify and prioritise possible nursing interventions Identify and summarise the organisation policy and procedure you complied with when planning the care Reflect and document how you applied the principles and philosophy of the primary health care in your work- Monitor and evaluate the client's response to nursing interventions- Document the client's response, e-g- how did the client progress towards the primary health goals???? Provide two -2- examples of research-proven assessments and treatments -evidence-based care- you implemented in client care and service delivery- Reflect on how you contributed to the health policy when working as an enrolled nurse in the current primary health care environment- Attachment:- primary health care setting-rar

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