Identify a maximum of four situations in the department

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Ethical analysis -1,500 words- Purpose: This assessment will allow students to conduct the ethical analysis of a situation provided by them and approved by the tutor- This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a and b- Topic: Students need to identify a maximum of four situations in the department allocated as per your student ID- Analyse them based on any four ethical philosophies taught to you in this unit- Students will demonstrate that they can identify, assess and analyse the situation- Part Details: Background Barns Group Limited is a locally owned public listed company that derives revenue from insurance building, restoration and commercial construction and building services- The company operates in Australia and the United States of America, employing 1600 people and is administered by its head office in Bendigo, Victoria- Beginning as Jack & Barns Builders in 1953, their core business was originally built on their ability to remediate most building types, especially after major events such as floods and fires- Today over 60 years later, they continue to provide specialist building services for which we have become renowned- Over those years they have grown in so many other ways- They now offer a truly diverse range of construction, building and support services- Continually adding new ventures to the Barns Group business mix has become part of their culture- From software products, home maintenance services and call centre operations to shop fitting, retail and glazing, the list is ever growing- Their platform is based on four core values: Respect, Integrity, Courtesy and Honesty- Delivering to time, cost and quality is expected of any reputable building company- At Barns Group they understand that currently it's about delivering more- Keeping promises not only to their clients but also to their contractors and suppliers, is their prime objective- They don't treat people as a commodity, they treat them as human beings- They don't just finish our projects on time, they also meet their financial obligations on time- Their commitment to those who work for them is second to none in the industry- This creates confidence, loyalty, and market distinction- Identify one situation from each of the departments listed below- Analyse each of the situations on any four ethical philosophies taught to you in this unit- Departments Department 1: The IT department looks after the installation and maintenance of computer networks within the company- Following are the different responsibilities of this department:AdministrationTechnical supportCommunicationCompany websiteApplication development- Department 2: The primary function of the Operations department includes design and management of products, services, and processes- Following are the different responsibilities of this department:Supply chain managementProduct designDelivery management Department 3: The activities expected from a Finance department cover a wide range from basic bookkeeping to providing financial information of the company- Following are the different responsibilities of this department:General accountingFinancial controlsFinancial Planning Department 4: The Human Resources function is concerned with the following:Recruitment and selection- Ensuring that the right people are recruited to the right jobs-Training and development- Enabling employees to carry out their responsibilities effectively and make use of their potential-Employee relations- Including negotiations related to pay and conditions- Grievance procedures and disciplinary matters- Dealing with complaints from employees or from the employer-Health and Safety matters Making sure employees work in a healthy and safe environment-Redundancy procedures Administering a proper system that is seen to be fair to all concerned when deciding on redundancies and agreeing redundancy payments- Students will prepare a business style report of approximately 1500 words which analyses the above scenario through the lens of any of the FOUR -4- ethical philosophies presented in lecture- A suggested report structure is as follows- Title pageExecutive summaryTable of contentsIntroductionEthical analysisConclusionReferences Attachment:- ethics-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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