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Assignment Detail:- ICTTEN615 Manage network traffic - Albright Institute of Business and Language Assessment 1 Question 1: Give an example for each of the following that can apply to work associated with managing a network- Explain how the example you provide is relevant to managing a network- Question 2: Describe the purpose of a service level agreement and its relevance to managing a network- Question 3: Describe the purpose of a customer policy and its relevance to managing a network- Question 4: Complete the following table- Question 5: For each of the network issues in the table, describe a feature that would indicate to you that this is a network issue- Question 6: List three principles of network management planning- Question 7: Outline how traffic blocking is used to reduce or limit network traffic- Question 8: List three suggestions for reducing congestion on an organisation's network- Question 9: Explain dimensioning and identify the main principle relating to network design- Question 10: Describe each of the following transmission types and signals that may be encountered- Question 11: Complete the following table by listing three types of network topologies and describing each- Question 12: Outline two switching techniques used for managing network traffic- Question 13: Identify three routing techniques and provide an explanation of each- Assessment 2 : Project Portfolio Activities Complete the following activities: 1- Carefully read the following:This assessment task requires you to manage network traffic systems for at least two networks- You can complete this project based on the networks, equipment and information provided by your assessor or for a business that you are working for- If you choose to complete the project based on a business of your choice, it is important that you can access two networks, network monitoring software, as well as equipment used for traffic management, plus specifications for the network and manuals/instructions and procedures related to network management- Speak to your assessor to get approval if you want to base this on an organisation of your choice- You will be collecting evidence for this unit in a Project Portfolio- The steps you need to take are outlined below- Before you begin, complete page 4 of your Project Portfolio- 2- Preparation-Prior to commencing the task, you are to meet with the client to find out about the two networks that need to be managed-If you are completing this in your RTO, the client will be your assessor and you will meet with them-If you are completing this based on your own organisation, the client may be an internal client or an external client who you will need to meet with to find out requirements- You will need to provide a video or audio recording of this meeting so that your assessor can confirm your oral communication skills-At the meeting, you will need to find out about:• the two network systems that need to be managed and issues with/complaints about the network• scope of the work to be conducted• planned network strategy• budget available• other details including site access arrangements and timelines-During the meeting, your assessor will be looking to see that you can demonstrate oral communication skills including:• Speaking clearly and concisely using relevant language-• Using questioning techniques to confirm information• Using active listening techniques to confirm information-You should ensure that all arrangements for access each network are confirmed at the meeting by finding out the information you need to-Following the meeting,work onSection 1 of your Portfolio to include the information that you have been provided at the meeting- You should ensure that all arrangements for access each network are confirmed at the meeting by finding out the information you need to- 3- Evaluate capacity of each network and traffic congestion- You are now to evaluate the capacity of each of the two networks, as well as traffic congestion issues using network monitoring software- You are to:• Review system monitoring alerts/alarms to identify both current and potential problems/issues with each network-• Assess the network and its capacity and traffic congestion issues using relevant equipment/tools-• Activate and deactivate semi-permanent controls so as to simulate irregular traffic-• Conduct traffic measurements across the network-Complete Section 1 of your Portfolio by analysing the results of the evaluation you have completed- 4- Develop and implement traffic control strategies for each network-You are to develop a traffic control strategy for each of the two networks to address network capacity issues and traffic congestion that you identified in the previous activity- You are to:• Develop and document short term and long term traffic control solutions-• Identify and document activities associated with your solutions, including contingency plans for when the changes are implemented-• Implement the traffic management solutions you have recommended-Complete Section 2 of your Portfolio- 5- Monitor traffic control strategies for each network-You are now to monitor the strategies you have implemented for each network to address network capacity issues and traffic congestion that you implemented in the previous activity- You are to:• Monitor network traffic to assess the effectiveness of the changes you have made-• Analyse information from network traffic monitoring to assess any outstanding congestion issues-• Identify and implement any further changes that need to be made-You are also to assume that there will be future demand on the network and therefore provide further recommendations for managing traffic control based on future growth- See the detailed instructions in your Portfolio-Complete Section 3 of your Portfolio- 6- Submit your completed Project Portfolio-Make sure you have completed all sections of your Project Portfolio, answered all questions, provided enough detail as indicated and proofread for spelling and grammar as necessary- Attachment:- Manage network traffic-rar

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