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Assignment Detail:- ICTSAS527 - Manage Client Problems Assignment - Danford College Part 1 - Determine, plan and implement ICT support and resolution services #1 The Client Support Team has come up with a solution, in principle, for NowDays Office Supplies- Check the proposed solution and technical support needs that the Client Support Team has come up with- You'll find this information below- Then, you will need to complete the documentation to get the job underway- This means documenting client requirements and drafting client and technical support contracts- Based on the needs of NowDays Office Supplies, and the solution and technical support that has been identified with the client: 1- Complete the client requirements template to agree on the needs and scope of the client's request- 2- Draft a client contract to agree on the solution- 3- Draft a technical support contract to agree on the level and cost of support- Needs of NowDays Office Supplies NowDays Office Supplies has an information management issue and has requested advice from Solutions R Us- NowDays sales staff have a problem accessing product information when they are in the field- There are ten sales people who need to access a variety of catalogues in order to find relevant information for customers- In the past, this has meant carrying many large, cumbersome loose-leaf folders with them- They want to find a better way to store this information- Most of the sales people have basic computer skills and they are all provided with laptop computers to do their work- They currently use the organisation's intranet site to upload orders received throughout the day- However, it would not be desirable for the sales staff to go online when they are with a customer- Therefore, the solution to this problem has to rely on technology which works offline- The catalogues are currently available in electronic form but are too big to store on a floppy disk, each one being approximately 30 MB, and there are currently ten catalogues- For various reasons, the organisation would rather not store the catalogues on hard disk either- Solution and technical support required The solution The solution has been to recommend a 512 MB memory stick, storing the electronic catalogues, for each sales person- This way the catalogues can be easily displayed to customers either on their own PC in their workplace, or on the salesperson's laptop- As well, updates of the catalogues can be issued to sales staff from the intranet site- In order to complete the documentation for this solution: 1- You will need to do some research to find a particular model of memory stick devices you would recommend, including price- 2- Draft a customer contract, using the Customer contract template provided under Tools- The purpose of the contract is to explain to the customer the suggested solution from the Client Support Team and to get client approval of this solution- Technical support Having received the go-ahead from the client, you'll need to identify the technical support required by the client- After further communication with the client, you've agreed that you are to provide their sales staff with a written help guide on using the memory sticks to retrieve information: -Twelve copies of the help guide will be needed for the client- -You expect it will take you approximately 4 hours, @ $65 per hour, to write the guide and coordinate the printing- -The help guide will be printed in colour- -The printing cost is $5-80 per unit -copy-- To complete the documentation for technical support: -Draft a technical support contract, use the Technical support contract template provided under Tools- This requires you to specify the level of technical support agreed on and give a costing- Part 2 - Determine, plan and implement ICT support and resolution services #2 This assessment task requires you to undertake support and resolution services, including: -identifying support requirements and procedures -liaising with client contact to determine task alignment -documenting support provided -liaising with client to obtain feedback -act on feedback as appropriate- Using a simulated business environment as a basis, you will need to address 8 of the following client support requests: The Computer Won't Start I'm unable to log in! The Screen is Blank Hard Drive Failure Applications Won't Install Monitor Not Showing Images "I've got the dreaded blue screen of death!" Abnormally Functioning Operating System or Software Windows Won't Boot The Screen is Frozen Computer is Slow My printer won't print My favourite program isn't working on my new PC "I deleted some important files!" Strange Noises Slow Internet Overheating "I just closed my document without saving!" "My computer is running too slowly!" "My computer just shut down unexpectedly!" "I can't print anything!" "My internet is really slow!" "I keep losing access to the wireless network!" Dropped Internet Connections "My computer does not recognise my USB device!" Downloads are taking forever My machine keeps restarting Pop-up ads are appearing on my desktop Google doesn't look right I keep seeing 'There is a problem with this website's security certificate' Missing DLL Files The clients that are to be role played, may be: -employees -external organisations -individuals -internal departments- You will also need to access: -special purpose tools, equipment and materials required to provide client support services -industry standard software packages -required organisation's SLAs -organisation's escalation procedure/s -organisation's documentation processes and style guides- You are required to track each of the interactions in an electronic ticketing system and produce a range of reports documenting the full process, including performance metrics- KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS - 1- What is problem management???? 2- Why is problem management important???? 3- What is root cause analysis -RCA-???? 4- How do you conduct root cause analysis???? 5- What are service level agreements -SLA-???? 6- What are the benefits of having service level agreements in place???? 7- What do service standards refers to in a service level agreements -SLA-???? 8- How can you verify service levels???? 9- Why would you conduct help desk service support survey???? 10- How can you help to embed a continuousimprovement culture within the organisation???? 11- What is the role of listening in provision of client support services???? 12- Describe three tools that can be used for client support???? 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