ICTNWK612 Plan and manage troubleshooting integrated IP

Assignment Detail:- ICTNWK612 Plan and manage troubleshooting integrated IP networks Assessment - Written Questions 1- Complete the following table with advanced network solutions to network performance and reliability issues- Description of issuea- Network slowdown due to large number of guestsb- Critical traffic on the network not receiving priorityc- Malware detected- 2- Complete the following table by explaining configuration, verification and troubleshooting procedures relevant to the items referred to-a- Routeroperation and routingb- VLANswitching and interswitching communicatio ns 3- Explain the purpose of a deployment scheme in relation to WLAN- 4- Explain how an iDevice Operating System works in relation to networking- 5- Explain the IP model in relation to networking- 6- Define the term network topology and summarise four main types of network topologies- 7- Explain the term network architecture- 8- List the key element of a network- 9- Identify and summarise three examples of troubleshooting tools/techniques that can be used in relation to networks- 10- Complete the following table relating to network diagnostic: Network diagnostic utilitya- Event viewerb- Network monitorc- Performance console 11- Outline the purpose of network standards and give an example- 12- Outline two key networking protocols- 13- Summarise two threat mitigation strategies relevant to a network- 14- Describe two types of VLAN technologies- Assessment 2 - IP Networks Project IP Networks Project Part summaryYou are required to plan, manage and implement troubleshooting and monitoring strategies to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of the network of your RTO-This assessment is to be completed in the simulated work environment in the RTO- Required• Access to textbooks and other learning materials• Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access• A network -LAN and WAN that includes voice and voice hardware and software-• Simulated network software• Network testing and monitoring tools Complete the following activities: 1- Carefully read the following scenario You are to assume for the purpose of this assessment have been asked to plan, manage and implement troubleshooting and monitoring strategies to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of the network of your RTO-Your assessor will provide you with details of your RTO network in a network diagram- 2- Develop a Troubleshooting and Monitoring Plan- Based on the RTO's network as per the information you have been provided by your assessor, you are required to develop a Troubleshooting and Monitoring Plan so as to ensure the network is performing effectively and reliably at all times-Use Troubleshooting and Monitoring Plan Template to document your work- Your plan should include:• An introduction regarding the purpose of the plan-• A description of each segment in the IP network and how each will be isolated for testing and troubleshooting-• The frequency and types of testing of the network infrastructure and associated components that should be undertaken and why-• A list and description of network testing and monitoring tools -including software applications- that will be used and why-• IOS device maintenance plan that can be followed for monitoring routing protocols and router configurations-• A plan for troubleshooting and monitoring the security of the network-• A plan for troubleshooting and monitoring IP V6 and IP V4 interoperability-Submit your Troubleshooting and Monitoring Plan Template to your Assessor- 3- Implement Troubleshooting and Monitoring Plan- Assume that you have been given the go ahead to complete the troubleshooting and monitoring of the network as per your Plan-Set up the network in your network simulated software and then complete all of the tests documented below-You should also ensure that you isolate sub-optimal internetwork operations at the relevant open systems interconnection -OSI- model layer- Explain how you did this in your test report-Tests include:• Test switch to switch connectivity• Test access ports and loop prevention for the VLAN• Test switch virtual interfaces-• Test switch support of advance services• Troubleshoot switch configuration-As you complete each of the tests take a screenshot of the tests and the results that show that you have ensured that the network is performing reliably and effectively-Submit the screenshots to your assessor along with a brief report of all the tests you completed and their outcomes- Use Test Report Template to guide your work- Make sure you clearly label each screenshot so that your assessor can identify which screenshot is relevant to which test -you will also need to include this in your report--Discuss at least one change that you consider would be useful for monitoring and managing troubleshooting based on the results of the test- Include this in your report- Attachment:- manage troubleshooting integrated IP networks-rar

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