ICT226 - Information Storage and Management Assignment, Box

Information Storage and Management Assignment -

Research Assignment - Select a topic of your choice from the EMC or NETAPP content from the subject and produce a formal 2000 word report and Presentation slides, in the format described in the supplied "Reports format and style" document, examining the topic.

Examples could be

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS).
  • Describe the WAFL file system.
  • Describe how you would set up a NetApp Lab environment.
  • Describe how you would configure a NetApp Data Vserver for a client.

Topics -

1. Netapp-network management

2. Netapp -storage management

3. Netapp-cluster management  

4. WAFL (write anywhere file layout)

5. SAN NAs compersion

6. ONTAP operating system



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