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Assignment Detail:- ICT 303 Big Data Assignment - Crown Institute of Higher Education Assessment Title - Big Data Application Group Presentation Purpose of the assessment - 1- Analyse and visualize data using available big data tools- 2- Design appropriate repository structure for storing big data- 3- Design big data solutions using Map-reduce techniques- Assignment Description - In this assessment Students are required to form a group of 5 member and prepare a report on big data analysis, design application using big data tools & techniques and finally present their report in a MS PowerPoint format- GOALS - 1- Study a single big data library or tool, in-depth- 2- Practice summarizing a potential complex topic into usable information, distilling it down to the important points- 3- Build a guide that helps yourself and your group members in determining which modern big data libraries and tools are available for their project goals- 4- Practice information investigation with a group members- POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS -Indicative Only-: 1- Health status prediction 2- Anomaly detection in cloud servers 3- Malicious user detection in Big Data collection 4- Big data for cyber security 5- Tourist behavior analysis 6- Credit Scoring

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