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Assignment Detail:- ICT 101 Discrete Mathematics for IT Assignment - Kings Own Institute Learning Outcomes - a- Identify and use basic concepts of arithmetic, logic, algorithms, functions, set theory, probability, proof techniques, binary relations, graphs and trees- b- Produce and analyse mathematical arguments- c- Apply mathematical knowledge and skills to investigate and solve a variety of discrete mathematical problems- d- Communicate mathematical ideas in a range of forms -written, oral, graphic-- Assessment - Group Assignment report -1,000 words- - Arithmetic operations in binary number system Assessment purpose - To develop a plan for a real-world example of an application from one of the topics identified by the students and will be verified by the teacher- This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a, b, c, d- Assessment topic - Students can choose one from the following topics- However, after deciding on the topic to work on, students must meet their respective tutor to identify which topic was chosen and to get guidance- The problems your group can choose from are: Arithmetic operations in Binary Number System -Logical Equivalence -Proof technique -Inverse function -Linear Recurrences -BCD Arithmetic Part details - In the initial part of the assignment, the group of students' will be tested on their skills on writing literature review of a topic you have learnt in the Discrete Mathematics -ICT101- course in the week 1 to 6- Students need to read at least 3 articles or books on this topic especially with application to Information Technology and give a detailed review of those- Students will also identify one application of information Technology related to the topic in which they are interested and write a complete account of that interest- Student groups will be exploring and analysing the applications which are identified by each group member, and they must recognise an application that can be programmed into a computer- Each group must sketch a plan to draw a flow-chart and algorithm- Use some inputs to test the algorithm -give a different trace table for each input- and identify any problem in the algorithm- Suggest a plan to rectify or explain why it can be rectified- Each group must write one report on its findings- The written report must have the following sections: 1- Introduction 2- Proper reference of at least three articles or books 3- Write detail review of those articles or books related to the topic student chooses 4- Identify one application in Information Technology in which a student is interested- Write a complete account of that interest 5- Description of why students choose this application 6- Give a complete plan to implement the application into a computer program with use of flow-chart 7- Write an appropriate algorithm 8- Use at least two inputs to test the algorithm- Group needs to give a trace table for each input- 9- Conclusion 10- Short statement about contributions/Reflections from each group member 11- References

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