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Assignment Detail:- IAPP001 - Applications Programming Assignment - University of Technology Sydney TASK DESCRIPTION - This project requires students to write an Object Oriented solution for a given application- LEARNING OUTCOMES - 1- Demonstrate a working knowledge of lists in Java- 2- Design a good OO solution from a specification- 3- Use inheritance in Java- 4- Construct a GUI interface BRIEF - This is a take home assessment to evaluate your understanding of object-oriented concepts taught so far in IAPP001- You will use your Project A as the starting point for this project- You will design a Graphical User Interface to support your application, using the domain classes from Project A- Your GUI design should outline the main use cases for the application, the basic pane design and situations to handle for the application- You may use a main window and sub windows or a main window with a stacked tab pane- You will design the windows and panes for your application- You will implement all of the GUI components following your design- You will implement the Observer pattern and test that your solution satisfies the requirements of your application- The assessment is comprised of three -3- parts: the GUI design, the code and the explanation- GUI design - Create your design for the GUI components - think about input needed from the user- Make sure your GUI design shows the GUI layout for your application- You can use paint or word tools to create the design- Make sure each panel/pane has at least 1 button to handle events- The code - Copy your project and create a model package- Move all the domain classes to the model package- Add MyObserver and Updater to the model package- Delete the In class and changes all dependencies to use parameters for input- Write your GUI components- Make sure you are using the Observer pattern to refresh each window when the data changes in the models- You need to implement the 4 steps for the observer pattern - all model methods that change data need to call updateViews--- All panels have an implemented update-- method etc- The explanation: -300 words- - Write a detailed explanation of how the user would interact with your GUI to perform each of the usecase tasks- Explain how the observer pattern works by following the flow of control for one of the usecases-

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