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Assignment Detail:- HWEL2002 Understanding Health - Torrens University Australia Assessment - Information Resource: Disease Burden and Healthcare Options Fact Sheet Learning Outcome 1: Define the concepts and models of health, and discuss their application to the maintenance of health and wellbeing as applied to individuals and populations- Learning Outcome 2: Identify the features of Australia's healthcare system and compare the role of private and public systems, and consider intersectoral approaches to health solutions- Context This assessment will evaluate your skills in sourcing Australian specific demographic and disease burden data and presenting it in a way that is appropriate for consumption by the general public- It will further develop your understanding of the Australian Health Care system by allowing you to interpret and apply this knowledge to a real-life case scenario, directing patients to the appropriate source of care for their needs- The translation of data and research into a public facing information handout is a key career skill essential within the healthcare environment- Instructions: You need to create a Patient Information Handout by choosing one of the following 3 case studies: Case Study 1 - Rezza with Type 2 Diabetes: Case Study 2 - Ling with Endometriosis: Case Study 3 - Eric with Alcohol Misuse Based on your selected case study please create a Patient Information Handout- In this patient facing handout you must answer the following questions, make sure that your answers are specific to the details outlined in the selected case study-Please present your answers on the ‘Information Handout Template' provided for your chosen case study: 1- What is the disease burden in Australia of this health challenge???? Please include incidence, prevalence, mortality & morbidity -DALY's-, common risk factors and populations at highest risk- 2- What are the symptoms and potential complications of the health challenge???? 3- What is the standard treatment protocol for the heath challenge???? 4- Which Australian healthcare services are best suited to provide the standard treatment protocols to this patient -treatment might include General Practitioner, Primary Health Networks, Specialists, Community Health Organisations Complementary and Alternative Medicine-???? 5- What information resources are available to patients???? Provide 3 resources that are specific to this health challenge and to the patient in the case study- You will need to use at least five resources -minimum three from primary and secondary resources- for this assignment- Referencing: Your information handout needs to be fully referenced- You need to include in-text citation and provide a reference list using APA style of referencing- Attachment:- Understanding Health-rar

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