HSN101 - Foundations of Food, Nutrition and Health -

You will answer questionnaires and a series of questions designed around your eating behavior and your experiences in completing the questionnaires. The assignment is designed to stimulate your thoughts on why you and others have developed certain eating patterns and how the environment affects food choices and how nutrition research is conducted.

There are 3 steps to completing this assignment:

Step 1. Complete three questionnaires

You need to answer three different questionnaires that assess your eating habits: a Food and Diet Questionnaire, a Food Likes and Dislikes Questionnaire and a Food Frequency Questionnaire. All of these questionnaires need to be downloaded and then completed. Make sure you complete all questionnaires accurately.

Step 2. Complete the written component of the assignment using the "Assignment 1" document here.

2a. Prepare

Prepare the written component of your assignment using the "Assignment 1" document. You will be given specific questions to answer on the form, many of which relate back to the responses you provided in the Food and Diet Questionnaire, Likes and Dislikes Questionnaire and Food Frequency Questionnaire. You will need to refer back to those questionnaires. Leave the question on the document and type your answer beneath the question. There is an "Assignment 1 tips and help" document here to help you answer each of the questions. Also read the rubric at the end of Assignment 1.

2b. Check word count

The "Assignment 1" document has suggested word counts for each question. It is important that you can summarise your response within the suggested word allowance for each question in order to remain within the overall word limit of 1300 words. The marker will stop marking your assignment at 1300 words.

2c. Check referencing

You will need to use references in your assignment. These should be in Vancouver style. To do this, you will need to provide in-text referencing to support your statements made within your written responses to some questions. Note there is also a blank section titled "References" at the end of the "Assignment 1" document. Provide your corresponding reference list there. For assistance with Vancouver style.

Step 3. Complete the video component of the assignment & submit to the correct dropbox link on the portal next to the assignment.

You can film your video presentation on any mobile device (phone/tablet) or computer software.

Questions to answer about the Food and Diet Questionnaire

1. Question 2 asks you if you cook and how often. If you do cook for yourself, discuss 3 benefits of this on your diet, health or lifestyle. If you don't cook for yourself, discuss 3 negative effects that you feel this has on your diet, health or lifestyle. (~150 words).

2. Question 11 asks about different diets that people may follow. Choose 1 of the diets mentioned (eg vegan) and explain which section of the population would benefit from following the diet and the foods that are permitted on that diet. (~150 words)

3. Question 12 asks you about factors that influence decisions when shopping for food.
a. Choose the factor from the list that you feel has the greatest influence in your household on what is purchased (eg "taste") and explain why (50 words).

b. Research the effect that factor (eg "taste") has on diet quality and food choices. Useat least 2 peer reviewed journal articles to do this. (~100 words)

Questions to answer about the Food Frequency Questionnaire

4. List at least 3 reasons to explain why the Food Frequency Questionnaire was not perfectly accurate in capturing your usual dietary intake over the past month. Support your reasons with examples from the questionnaire. (~150 words)

5a. Estimate from the questionnaire how many serves of fruit you usually consume each day? How does this match with therecommendations for your gender and age group from the Australian Dietary Guidelines (~75 words).

5b. Explain WHY your intake is at the level stated in part 5a . (~75 words)

Questions to answer about the Likes and Dislikes Questionnaire

6a. Give examples of foods that were difficult to score on the questionnaire and explain WHY they were difficult to score? (75 words)

6b. Decide if overall the questionnaire captured your likes and dislikes well. Why or why not?
(~75 words)

7. Do you think liking is a strong influence on your food choices? Why or why not?(~150 words)

General questions to answer

8. The ABS reports that in 2014-15, almost two-thirds (63%) of Australians aged 18 and over were overweight or obese.
8A. Research and discuss examples of public health interventions have been used here or overseas to reduce obesity.

8B. What improvements in population health do you think we would see if obesity was reduced? Use evidence to support your answer.

**For this question you must use the Deakin library food and nutrition databases to find relevant peer reviewed journal articles. Please ensure you have referred to the search guide for Deakin College students under week 3.



For the video component of the assignment, please pretend that you are part of a nutrition research team and they have asked you to evaluate three questionnaires: The Food and Diet Questionnaire, the Food Frequency Questionnaire and the Likes and Dislikes Questionnaire from the perspective of a researcher.

For the video:

1. Mention the strengths and limitations of each questionnaire for researching food choices.

2. Finish the video with a brief comment on how well the 3 questionnaires are linked. In other words, were the behaviours reported in the

Food and Diet Questionnaire linked to what participants reported in the Food Frequency Questionnaire and the Likes and Dislikes Questionnaire?

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

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