HS3041 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

Assignment Detail:- HS3041 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Reporting Assignment - Holmes Institute Scenario - You work as a report developer and analyst- Your manager has supplied you with some data related to sales and has requested a number of reports- Your task, with your team members, is to create the required reports to answer each of the questions below- You have been requested to use Microsoft PowerBIto analyse the data- Once you have created the required reports you will need to record the answerand insert a screen shot of the report with the answer highlighted, -in the area below-- Each screen shot should include thestudent IDs- Your manager has also asked you to interpret the data and provide an explanation for the results for questions- You need to create a separate report for each question- Questions - 1- What is the overall Sales revenue???? 2- What is the overall profit for 2014???? 3- What is the Sales revenue for Paseo in 2013???? 4- Which country has the highest selling rate of velo in 2014???? 5- For the country in Question 4, which product did they sell the highest profit in 2013???? 6- For the product in Question 4, which segment created the highest profit in 2013???? 7- Which producthas gothighest sales in 2014???? 8- Which year had the lowest profit???? 9- In the year with the lowest profit which segment had the lowest profit and how much is that???? assuming all products had at least one sale- 10- In the year with the highest profit, which productand segment were most profitable???? 11- For the most profitable segment in 2014, what product has got the lowest sold rate???? 12- What product has got the highest sold rate, in what month, and what is the unit sold number???? 13- Which month has got highest and lowest gross sale???? 14- Which month has got the highest profit in 2014 and how much???? 15- What country provided the highest sales revenue for the Amarilla and how much was that???? 16- What product has got less discounts rate???? 17- Which product had the biggest change in Sales Revenue from 2013 to 2014???? Develop an appropriate visualisation- 18- Which country and what month and year was the largest profit and how much???? 19- What product has got lowest gross sale and through which segment????

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