HS1011 Data Communication & Networks Assignment, Holmes

Assignment Detail:- Data Communication & Networks Assignment - Purpose of the assessment -with ULO Mapping- - The purpose of this assignment is to exercise and develop skills required to analyse and design networks to address the need of clients- Students will be able to: 1- Discuss the need of electronic data communication and networking to achieve business goals- 2- Explain and apply various networking and data communication technologies in the context of a specific business need- 3- Evaluate and assess hardware and software requirements of a data communication and networking infrastructure- 4- Define, prioritise and evaluate the requirement of the business to provide data communication and networking requirements- 5- Understand, evaluate and describe importance of network and data communication for a business operation and assess and suggest troubleshooting suggestions for a data communication and networking problem- Assignment requirements - Purpose of this assignment: In this assignment, you are required to design a network for a typical client that requires its computers to communicate with each other and on the internet- You also deals with problem solving which includes the identification and determining the specification of the problem, strategies for its solution- Then you will have to critically evaluate the solution provided through the reflective report writing- You are reminded that you have to provide reference list of your write up using Harvard referencing format- As a junior network consultant, you are required to identify the resources needed to design and setup a network infrastructure for a new campus for Holmes Institute in Melbourne- Holmes has provided you with the following details: The campus occupies five -5- three storey shop lots There are two -2- schools for Melbourne Campus: School of Information Systems School of Business Each School has two subnets; staff subnet and student subnet- There are six -6- departments: Student Services -30 Hosts- Higher Education -60 Hosts- Exam and Accreditation -15 Hosts- Maintenance and Logistics Finance Human Resource Requirements: The new campus has not yet been wired for the LAN or WLAN- However, it is envisaged that the new building would support a both wired & wireless networked office environment where each of the staff PC would be equipped with desktop video conferencing, VoIP alongside the usual business applications such as web, email, and regular office productivity packages- You must design the network requirements for Holmes Institute- As the network consultant, you will be required to develop a plan for the new campus network, including all costs, for all of the following: 1- The type of media you propose to use- This must be adequate to allow for a 100% expansion of the campus' network within 5 years, and must be sufficient for all bandwidth requirements for each Company site- 2- The cost of media chosen should be included as a cost per meter price- You must justify your choice of media- Remember this might include copper, fiber and wireless options- 3- You have to design the network topology- At this stage, you have to provide evidence of the system setup by stating and overview network topology and details of every departmental network design- 4- You are required to subnet the campus' network IPv4 Address as appropriate- You will be required to provide summary tables with IP Address ranges for all hosts in your network- Subnet Name Subnet Address Subnet Mask Host Range of Addresses Broadcast Address Students Service         Higher Education         a- When allocating addresses you must allow enough addresses for the 100% expected future expansion of hosts for Holmes Institute- b- Allocate one -1- printer for each 30 computers- Printers will have the last usable address/es for the subnet to which they belong- 5- There will be a Server Network, the servers will be located in a separate subnet, and must be allocated static IPv4 Addresses within that network- The number of servers is not expected to grow- 6- Hardware -such as routers and switches- should reflect expected usage- Therefore, low usage environments such as those for the Finance department, would require different hardware than high usage areas, such as those of the Student Services- 7- Internet Access for the entire campus, the Point of Presence -POP-, is through the Student Services department- This connection should be sufficient for all current users, and scalable to allow for the expected increase over the next 5 years- Construct the network design in Cisco Packet Tracer simulator as shown in Fig- 2 -attached-- Use appropriate addressing scheme for the network devices and ensure that all the host names and network addresses are well labelled- Attachment:- Data communication and networks Assignment File-rar
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