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Assignment Detail:- HPS325 Addiction - Deakin University Question 1- Which perspective best explains the reasons for the development of an addiction????a- The biopsychosocial modelb- Substance specific syndrome modelc- The disease modeld- The learnt behaviour model Question 2- Billy presents at intake showing signs of withdrawal, craving, tolerance, and general negative impacts on his daily functioning- Using the DSM-5 criteria for Substance Use Disorder, which severity level would you classify him????a- Severeb- No sign of SUDc- Mildd- Moderate Question 3- Direct and indirect costs to the community such as health care and absenteeism would fall under which harm category????a- Environmental damageb- Loss of tangiblesc- Economic costd- Drug-related damage Question 4- Classical conditioning, brain physiology, and motivation all fall under which key cause of addiction???? a- The external environmentb- The social environmentc- The individuald- The drug Question 5- Johnny is resisting treatment as he believes that the drug is causing him to be addicted and that he has no control over how much he consumes- Which model of addiction is he likely in line with????a- Socio-culturalb- Biologicalc- Temperanced- Dispositional disease Question 6- Which factors are hypothesised to result in more severe problematic gambling???? a- Avoidance and amusementb- Curiosity and psychological distress c- Pleasure and rewardd- Relief and improvements in abilities Question 7- Mariah has come to see you for assistance with her problematic alcohol consumption- She states in the intake interview that her main trigger for drinking is an ongoing relationship problem- Which type of service would be most appropriate in the short term????a- Behavioural therapiesb- Withdrawal servicesc- Pharmacotherapyd- Residential rehabilitation services Question 8- Antwan is going through the withdrawal process for heroin- She is receiving regular visits from medical support services and has the ongoing support of her family at home- Which type of withdrawal method is she using????a- Inpatient withdrawalb- Outpatient withdrawalc- Residential withdrawald- Home-based withdrawal Question 9- A 120ml drink of fortified wine would contain approximately how many standard drinks????a- 1b- 2c- 3d- 4 Question 10- What is considered the gold standard in assessing problematic gambling in Australia????a- The DSM Interviewb- The Gamblers Anonymous 20-Questionsc- The Victorian Gambling Screend- The Problem Gambling Severity Index Question 11- Which of the following case management models focuses on building informal support networks????a- Broker modelb- C-O-R-E modelc- Strengths-based modeld- Generalist model Question 12- Of the five basic functions of case management, which would include referral, transfer, and other connections of clients to services????a- Assessmentb- Planningc- Linkingd- Advocacy Question 13- Before the Australian AOD service sector moved into a focus on harm minimisation, what was the usual preferred outcome for service users???? a- Reducing harms to selfb- Abstinencec- Reducing harms to the communityd- Reducing harms to others Question 14- You are working as a case manager at a local AOD service- Your main goals with each client are to assist them in developing vital defences, communicating hope, and acknowledging areas of competence- Which term do we use to describe these elements????a- Therapeutic allianceb- Reflective practicec- Rapport buildingd- Case management Question 15- If a service user feels confident that they can stop using a drug and is motivated to begin, we would say they are demonstrating high:a- Ambivalenceb- Empathyc- Self-efficacyd- Responsibility Question 16- Ahkmal has been coming to see you for a number of sessions and remains ambivalent about making a change- You have been employing a number of Motivational Interviewing approaches over your sessions, but today you have decided to provide education about the harms associated with continued use-Within an MI approach, this would be considered:a- The opposite of the spirit of MIb- Best practicec- Better suited for an earlier sessiond- Compassionate Question 17- Methadone is considered an:a- Agonist and antagonistb- Agonistc- Anti-cravingd- Antagonist Question 18- Which brain structures are associated with craving????a- Amygdala and the Nucleus Accumbensb- Putamen and Caudate Nucleusc- Ventral Tegmental Area and the Nucleus Accumbensd- Locus Coeruleus and the Amygdala Question 19- The experience of extended bullying in childhood or adolescence would be considered which type of risk for AOD problems????a- Behavioural developmentb- Social and emotional competencec- Social developmentd- Physical and cognitive- neurological development Question 20- Sam is 12 years old and comes to see you for family-based counselling- You note several risk factors present for the development of future AOD problems- Which protective factors could you focus on developing at this age for the best outcome????a- Emotional competence and social skill developmentb- Stress managementc- Physical developmentd- Community interaction Question 21- It is assumed that if adolescents are provided with real life experiences to distract from, or replace alcohol or substance use, then they will take the place of future substance related problems- This idea has only been evaluated effectively in which setting????a- Team sportsb- Community servicec- Hobbiesd- School-based programs Question 22- Which country has the toughest stance on illicit drugs????a- The United Statesb- Australiac- Chinad- Holland Question 23- Why might school aged children become less aware of tobacco graphic warning labels over time????a- Rebellionb- Avoidancec- Habituationd- Obliviousness Question 24- Paloma is aware of her constant online gaming- She finds that she sometimes wakes during the night to play a game and plays games on her phone when being served at the supermarket checkouts- What criteria of behavioural addictions would this behaviour best come under????a- Euphoriab- Saliencec- Conflictd- Relapse and reinstatement Question 25- A biological explanation for behavioural addictions includes:a- That individuals often show a preoccupation with the behaviourb- That there are often mental health comorbidities associated with behavioural addictionsc- Norepinephrine often increases when abstaining from the behaviourd- The behaviour is often learned through classical conditioning principles Attachment:- Addiction-rar

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