How you will gather necessary information for setting up

Assignment Detail:- BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team Assessment Part - Teamwork Scenario Project Your team has been charged with the task of identifying an e-commerce opportunity for Apparel Brands and developing a proposal to put to the board of directors- For example, your team could decide to propose setting up an online business in which customers design their own custom t-shirts- Your budget for setting up the e-commerce venture is $30,000- For your proposed e-commerce venture, your team will need to determine: Value proposition: What will you offer consumers???? What products???? What price???? What quality???? How will the products benefit your customers????Who your target market is: What are the characteristics of the people who will buy your products???? What do they need or desire???? How you will gather necessary information for setting up the venture???? Who you will consult or network with to benefit from others' expertise???? What steps you will need to take to set up the e-commerce venture???? This will range from website design, to ensuring a system for payment, to establishing an online presence through web search engines, etc- How you will determine the benefit to Apparel Brands: What is the benefit???? Reduced costs???? Increased productivity???? How you will determine cost???? Once you have determined the above requirements, your team will need to plan specific activities to carry out in order to obtain the required information for your proposal- Assign tasks to each team member- Consult with each member of the team to develop individual performance plans- By using the scenario -Apparel Brands Pty- Ltd--, create the following report- Your document must include:1- Team Member &Performance Plana- Team Memberb- Performance Plani- Based on the proposed e-commerce venture, create a performance plan for each of your team members -at least 3 pages in total- 2- Team Policy and Procedures -rules-a- Create a minimum of 5 rules that will lead to a successful team -e-g- all communications between the team members must be done via email and must CC the project manager-3- Notes from Team Meeting/sa- Add the notes that you have from the Team Meeting/s you did -half pages-4- Third-Party Reporta- Fill in the third-party report template below 5- Referencinga- The Referencing style that we use is APA style Attachment:- Teamwork Scenario Project-rar

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