How project management relates to project success/failure

Assignment Detail:- PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management - Laureate International Universities Assessment: Visual Presentation: Project Management Processes, Methodologies and Knowledge Areas Learning outcome 1: Understand PMBOK knowledge areas and process groups and their role, relevance and impact on project management best practice and PMI's Code of Ethics-Learning outcome 2: Apply appropriate project management -including IT project management- tools and techniques, paying particular attention to risk management- Context:Leading organisations across sectors and geographic borders have been steadily embracing project management as a means of controlling spending and improving project results- These, and other desirable outcomes have been achieved through the application of project management methodologies, standards, and maturity models, which has understandably been embraced by many contemporary organisations in a variety of projects, including IT projects- Project managers of course are an integral part of delivering successful projects, and as such, have many responsibilities to discharge throughout a project's lifecycle- Like all project managers, IT project managers need an understanding of project scheduling, quality assurance, project management tools, and reporting in order to successfully manage an IT project to meet its goals- Instructions:Create a visual presentation describing the application of effective project management processes, methodologies and knowledge areas- Describe how project management relates to project success/failure and the possible consequences when project management practices are not effectively implemented in projects- Attachment:- Project Management Processes-rar

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