How offering online classes may damage their image as a

Assignment Detail:- Assignment scenario The Australian Academy of Marketing -AAM-1 provides marketing training to students and marketing professionals aiming to enhance their career prospects in diverse marketing activities such as marketing research, advertising, digital marketing, customer relationship management, etc- In addition to their local user base, the AAM's courses are gaining more attention from professionals across the world- The CEO of AAM has found this international attention as a great opportunity to expand its market- However, he is worried about possible problems which are accompanying this opportunity- You have been approached by the CEO of AAM who is looking to grasp this opportunity and grow the user base substantially through offering online courses for students who by any reason cannot physically participate in face-to-face -F2F- classes- However, he is quite concerned about the attractiveness of online classes and how offering online classes may damage their image as a great training institution- To make the right decision, he would like to gain insight over users' perceptions of participating in online courses- He is also interested in understanding how users view online and F2F courses differently-

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