How many famous Aussie Icons can you recognise, Write down

Assignment Detail:- Unit - Music Icons Ex-1 Highlight the correct answers1- He's still sleeping, ________ a- is not he???? b- isn't he???? c- wasn't he???? 2- You do go to school, ________ a- do you???? b- aren't you???? c- don't you???? 3- Let's go for a walk, ________ a- shall we???? b- shan't we???? c- will we???? 4- We won't be late, ________ a- won't we???? b- will we???? c- are we???? 5- Nobody called, ________ a- do they???? b- didn't they???? c- did they???? 6- They will wash the car, ________ a- will it???? b- won't they???? c- wouldn't they???? 7- We must lock the doors, ________ a- mustn't they???? b- shouldn't we???? c- mustn't we???? 8- I'm right, ________ a- amn't I???? b- am not I???? c- aren't I???? 9- So you bought a car, ________ a- did you???? b- haven't you???? c- weren't you???? 10- You wouldn't like to invite my Dad, ________ a- did you???? b- would you???? c- won't you???? Ex-2 Vocabulary exercise Continued Look at this picture of famous Aussie icons! Ex-2 Vocabulary exercise How many famous Aussie Icons can you recognise, Write down as many as you can find- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- Ex-3 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video, Australia, Our Big Icons Write down 5 Big icons you heard 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- Ex-4 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline: -100-120 words only- Which Aussie Icon would you like to visit???? Write about your reasons why you would like to visit them???? Attachment:- Music Icons-rar

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