How is corporate entrepreneurship defined in your company,

Assignment Detail:- Assessment 1: Case Study Analysis  - report -800 words- Students are required to analyse the case at this link: Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google, Inc- The case copy will also be made available on Moodle Assessment 2: Case Study Proposal - report -800 words- This is an extension of Assessment 1- You now need to adopt lessons from the case study and implement them in your existing business -real or hypothetical- by asking the following questions: How is corporate entrepreneurship defined in your company, if it is defined at all???? How long has the firm been engaged in efforts to become more entrepreneurial???? What challenges have you encountered along the way???? How did you solve them or how are you working on them now???? Assessment 3: Development Plan and Presentation Students are required to develop a plan for the development of and long-term support of a culture of innovation in the organisation from which the case study is drawn -1500 words-- They will be required to prepare and present a 5-minute video presentation- Consider the following scenario while preparing the development plan and presentation: In general, there is now increasing competition in markets on a global scale- In order to be competitive, organizations must innovate to respond quickly to market needs- Currently, when the topic of innovation is addressed, there are several pertinent questions that many SME managers ask, such as: Why are not all organizations entrepreneurial???? Why are not all entrepreneurship initiatives successful???? Why the success formulas do not apply equally in all organizations???? What does it mean by culture of innovation????

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