How is a credit check in the advanced technology system

Assignment Detail:- HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise - Holmes Institute Learning Outcome 1- Critically evaluate the purpose and role of accounting information systems in today's business environment; Learning Outcome 2- Articulate the various transaction cycles, financial reporting, management reporting systems and e-commerce systems to technical and non-technical stakeholders; Learning Outcome 3- Evaluate systems development methodologies and the role of accountants in system development projects; Learning Outcome 4- Critically evaluate the range of cultural, security, privacy and ethical issues facing individuals and organisations as a result of information systems- Question 1 What is the relationship between data, information and an information system???? -maximum 300 words- Question 2 A council health inspector threatens to close down a restaurant by issuing a fake health violation notice if the owner does not make a financial payment to him- If the restaurant owner does not cooperate, the restaurant cannot be opened for business and the negative publicity will drive customers away- Faced with the potential economic loss, the owner makes the payment- Required:a- What type of fraud is this???? -maximum 150 words-b- What controls can be implemented to prevent or detect the fraud???? - maximum 200 words- Question 3 How is a credit check in the advanced technology system fundamentally different from a credit check in the basic technology system???? -maximum 300 words- Question 4 The following is the description of cash disbursements system of Two Symbols Limited: Upon receipt of the documents from accounts payable department, the cash disbursements clerk files the documents until their payment due date- On the due date, the clerk prepares a cheque for the invoiced amount, which is sent to the treasurer who signs it and mails back to the supplier- The cash disbursement clerk then updates the cheque register, accounts payable ledger, and accounts payable control account from the clerk's terminal- Finally, the clerk files the invoice and copy of purchase order, receiving report, cheque in the department- Required:Describe the internal control weakness in Two Symbols' cash disbursements system and discuss the risk associated with the weakness- -300 words- Question 5Leon Jones worked in the warehouse of a large building supply company- One day he unexpected left for Fiji, never to return- His supervisor seized the opportunity to continue submit time cards for Leon to the payroll department- Each week, as Question of his normal duties, the supervisor received the employee pay cheques from payroll and distribute them to the workers on his shift- As Leon was not present to collect his pay cheque, the supervisor forged Leon's name and cashed it- Required:Describe two control techniques to prevent or detect this fraud scheme- -300 words-  

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