How effective do you think your company is in managing its

Assignment Detail:- HI6035 IT Governance and Risk Activities We have a number of class facilitation activities this week Students should check the class facilitation schedule and be prepared to facilitate a discussion activity based on their assigned paper- The students facilitating the discussion should take approx 10-15 minutes in giving a synopsis of the paper then lead a discussion of the class on questions arising from the paper- Discussion: Question 1- Where you work, What are the company's top risks, how severe is their impact and how likely are they to occur???? Question 2- How effective do you think your company is in managing its top risks???? Question 3- Do you think re there any organizational "blind spots" in your company warranting attention???? Question 4- Do you think your company prepared to respond to extreme events???? Question 5- What are some of the questions you think Organization Executive Borads should ask about Risk Management with respect to Strategy, Policy, Execution and Transparency- Article - A process model for integrated IT governance, risk, and compliance management Attachment:- IT Governance and Risk-rar

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