How could you be a role model for taking considered risks

Assignment Detail:- Implementing innovative processes To implement innovative processes, this topic covers objectives, timeframes, measures and communication plans, the impact and consequence of change, contingency planning, learning from failure and capturing information through knowledge management systems- To manage implementation, you need to have a clearly defined plan in place- This can include confirming objectives, timeframes, measures and communication plans- This can be part of an implementation strategy with an implementation plan- The focus here is on SMART objectives that provides specific and measurable goals are achievable, realistic and timely- The timeframes must also be realistic and be integrated with the communication plan- A communication plan provides a clear framework for what is being communicated, by whom and when- It is usually developed in a table, clearly indicating actions and roles and responsibilities- The college where you are studying has decided to implement a new innovative course- There are many implementation issues to consider, including: • What will the resource implications be for the new course i-e- staffing and financial????• What will be the mode of delivery????• How will we market it, especially to protect our innovative ideas????• Who will design it????• Who will write it????• How will be test it????• How will we evaluate it???? Activity: Brainstorm How could you be a role model for taking considered risks that will provide opportunities for innovation???? List some ideas!

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