How can innovation aid in continuous improvement and Which

Assignment Detail:- Activity: Watch & research Watch one of the videos from the RTO Works video series:Celebrating InnovationConduct your own research to answer the following questions:How can innovation aid in continuous improvement????Why is innovation important for a company that aims to continuously improve????Which types of brands or companies do you view as innovative and admire???? Why???? Practical activity: Think about a current system you have in your personal or work life- Brainstorm a series of innovative ideas you could use to improve the current system- Research: Research a company that uses one of the following continuous improvement theories:KaizenLeanSix sigmaExplain how the company works using one of these theories- Review Review your assessment requirements for this unit and read through your Project Portfolio so you know what you will be required to do- Make sure you review your Student Guide if you need to revisit some areas of your training- Reflection Reflect on the following:Information learned during your trainingYour main key "takeaways" from this unitWhat did you learn that you didn't know already???? How can you apply this in your study/work/life????What did you find challenging or confronting???? How did you overcome these challenges or barriers????

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