Holmes Institute - HC1062 Decision Making And Problem

Assignment Detail:- Decision Making And Problem Solving Assignment - Appendix for Group Report Just complete this appendix- Please follow the instructions- After forming the group, you must confirm your group members' details in writing with your lecturer- Note that once you do so, your group members are fixed and cannot be changed- The group size should be 3, but your lecturer may allow a maximum of 4- It is essential that every member makes a significant valid academic contribution to the team result- As you start to work on your group report, you are required to assimilate this Appendix, to be submitted via a link on the UNIT blackboard site in week 8, by Friday 5 pm- What should be included in the appendix???? 1- All the group member details-full name, student id numbers, contact phone numbers- 2- The topic chosen for your group assignment 3- Allocation of the tasks for each member in the group- You may utilize this format for the above: Topic Chosen: Student ID First Name Family Name Contact Phone Number Allocated Part-s- 4- A Gantt chart showing the working plan towards completion of the group assignment- This chart must have every allocated task, deadlines and dates clearly stated- -See Gantt chart example in attached file, feel free to use your own style- 5- Each student to list at least five references and sources for their chosen part- -Final assignment must contain these references plus any others that are cited or used-- 6- All the correspondence towards working on the group assignments must be recorded, this would include but not limited to emails, WhatsApp messages, USB file exchanges, group discussion, text messages, record of telephonic conversations etc- 7- Details of a minimum of five group meetings held face-to-face to be provided- Each meeting must be documented in the following format -see attached file-- 8- Our group expectations are: 9- We experienced the following challenges during this assignment: 10- At the completion of the assignment we have the following insights: Attachment:- Assignemnt File - Appendix-rar
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