HND Assignment: Programme title - BTEC HND in Computing -

HND Assignment: Programme title - BTEC HND in Computing - RQF


Objective - This assignment brief requires the student to produce a console game application. The program is structured so that it tests the students' knowledge in various areas of structured programming using Python. Each student is expected to produce a single program and attach the source code as a separate file to the final assignment report. All program test output screens must be included in the report. The student will include the script of a working program in their submission

Case Study/ Scenario - Rock, Paper and Scissors is a predicting game where a player endeavours to figure out a grouping of numbers. The player will input guess numbers in a chosen order/position to get a reply of the right numbers and the right group position the player has entered.

A rock is a right number in the right position and a paper is a right number in an incorrect position. For example, if the number sequence is "1234" and the player guesses "1356" the response would be one rock and one paper as "1" is a correct number and in the correct position (a rock) and "3" is a correct number, but not in the correct position (a paper). If the player enters "1243" the response would be two rocks and two papers, as all numbers are correct but two are not in the correct positions. If all four numbers are correct and in the correct positions, it becomes a scissors.

You are to create a program to play the Rock, Paper and Scissors game based on non-repeating four-digit numbers (all four digits are different - no repetition).

The player will be given what number of rocks, papers and scissors they have found after each endeavor.

Summary: A player should be able to enter a four-digit number and receive a response based on the game criteria:

  • Scissors - four correct numbers, all in the correct position
  • Rock- a correct number in the correct position
  • Paper- a correct number in the incorrect position

1. Define basic algorithms to carry out an operation and outline the process of programming an application.

2. Explain the characteristics of procedural, object-orientated and event-driven programming, conduct an analysis of a suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

3. Implement basic algorithms in code using an IDE.

4. Determine the debugging process and explain the importance of a coding standard.

In conclusion, you are required to critically evaluate why a coding standard is necessary in a team as well as for the individual in the programming world.

Total Words - 3000 + Python Code.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar


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