High Level Game Design Document - Create a high level Game

Assignment - High Level Game Design Document

Create a high level Game Design Document-expand the details provided in your pitch presentation and your one sheet. In this document you fill in the details that would enable the realisation of your game idea. Some of the elements listed below will be more important for your game idea than others. Some elements may not be necessary for your game.

  • Overview of the Game.
  • The Core Concept-characters, worlds, game play, combat, weapons, movement interactions, vehicles, story, realism versus fantasy, controls, etc.
  • The Player Characters-describe the player journey. What are the relationships between the characters? Who is the protagonist? Provide visual examples.
  • Game World-describe the environment When is the game set? Where is it set? What does it look like? Provide visual examples.
  • Narrative Description-talk about how you will engage the player in the relationship between what they do and the effects in the game. Include story, obstacles, interface- how players interact with the experience, interactions with other players, the environment, equipment, etc.
  • Intro-how are players introduced to the game, cinematically? Explain the intro concept.
  • Game walkthrough-talk about a typical game, what the player does, what are the key actions and interactions that take place. What will the player experience? How the game play and story are related.
  • Game shell-start screens and options, loading and saving options. Provide visual examples.
  • Controller-how are the controls mapped to the gaming experience.
  • Interface or game layout-components, inventory, items, weapons, etc. Provide visual examples.
  • Character Actions-movement, using objects, character interactions, combat description, weapons, movement in combat, items that can be controlled or manipulated.
  • Exploration-how does the character move through the world-linear, free, advancing story, manipulation, etc.?
  • Direct effects on the character or player-health, damage, armour, power-ups, death, healing, etc.
  • Elements that effect the enjoyability of the game, for example game balancing elements, fairness, etc.
  • Levels-list a collection of levels, how does the player progress through each level? Relate this to story.
  • Art-describe the over all look and feel of the game. Provide examples.
  • Sound-describe audio involved in the game. Discuss how sound will be used to enhance the player experience.
  • Conclusion-Explain why this game should be made. Sell the idea.
  • Statement of contribution - Roles and responsibilities or work produced by each member. All team members sign this declaration. Please ensure that this is done in a professional manner.

Note - The assignment is about educational driver for teenagers.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar


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