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Assignment Detail:- HI6007 Statistics for Business Decisions - Holmes Institute Required to show understanding of the principles and techniques of business research and statistical analysis taught in the course- Purpose:This assignment aims at assessing students' understanding of different qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and techniques- Other purposes are: 1- Explain how statistical techniques can solve business problems2- Identify and evaluate valid statistical techniques in a given scenario to solve business problems3- Explain and justify the results of a statistical analysis in the context of critical reasoning for a business problem solving4- Apply statistical knowledge to summarize data graphically and statistically, either manually or via a computer package5- Justify and interpret statistical/analytical scenarios that best fit business solution Assignment QuestionsAssume your group is the team of data analytics in a renowned Australian company- The company offers their assistance to distinct group of clients including -not limited to-, public listed companies, small businesses, educational institutions etc- Company has undertaken several data analysis projects and all the projects are based on multiple regression analysis-Based on the above assumption, you are required to- 1- Develop a research question which can be addressed through multiple regression analysis- 2- Explain the target population and the expected sample size 3- Briefly describe the most appropriate sampling method- 4- Create a data set -in excel- which satisfy the following conditions- -You are required to upload the data file separately--a- Minimum no of independent variables - 2 variablesb- Minimum no of observations - 30 observationsNote: You are required to provide information on whether you used primary or secondary data, data collection source etc- 5- Perform descriptive statistical analysis and prepare a table with following descriptive measures for all the variables in your data set-Mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, coefficient of variation- 6- Briefly comment on the descriptive statistics in the part -5- and explain the nature of the distribution of those variables- 7- Derive suitable graph to represent the relationship between dependent variable and each independent variable in your data set--ex: relationship between Y and X1, Y and X2 etc- 8- Based on the data set, perform a regression analysis and correlation analysis, and answer the questions given below-a- Derive the multiple regression equation-b- Interpret the meaning of all the coefficients in the regression equation-c- Interpret the calculated coefficient of determination-d- At 5% significance level, test the overall model significance-e- At 5% significance level, assess the significance of independent variables in the model-f- Based on the correlation coefficients in the correlation output, assess the correlation between explanatory variables and check the possibility of multicollinearity- Attachment:- Statistics for Business Decisions-rar
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