HI5015 - Legal Aspects of International Business and



1. Form a group of between three and five students.

2. Select a case from one of the cases below.

3. Advise your lecturer by email of your group members and case

4. selected. PLEASE NOTE: Lecturer approval is required. You must NOT start on your assignment until your lecturer approves your group and case. No approval = Fail.

5. Select the party you wish to represent i.e. China, Philippines, United Mexican States.

6. Research your selected case.

7. Read and understand your selected case.

8. Prepare and present a summary of the case and your selected party's arguments.

9. All members MUST present.

10. Total marks for this assignment is 30 marks, and total weight for this assignment is 30%.

11. Time limit is 5 - 10 minutes per group.


1. De Sanchez v. Banco Central De Nicaragua

2. Chatting v. United Mexican States

3. Islamic Republic or Iran v. United Sates of America

4. Amar Nath Sehgal v. Union of India


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