HEALT1113 Communication For Health Professionals Assignment

Assignment Detail:- HEALT1113 Communication For Health Professionals - Federation University a- Using the headings and prompts as a guide provided in the essay template, create complete paragraphs applying academic writing style, plus evidence to support your claims using in-text citations- b- Highlight important elements from the case study that will determine your communication strategies c- Your writing should include analysis and synthesis of the research- 3- Conclusion 4- Reference list: APA 7th editiona- You are required to reference a minimum of eight academic sources -e-g- textbooks, peer reviewed journal articles--b- Resources such as websites, legislations, and government sites are in addition to the minimum of eight academic resources-c- Reference list is NOT included in the word count, but in-text citations are included in the word count- Referencing requirements:• Direct quotes should be avoided where possible in academic writing- If deemed necessary, all quotations must be referenced correctly using APA Th edition-• All resources should be less than 7 years old, unless of historical significance-• We encourage you to read widely and use the most current research you can find- If you have a journal article that falls outside the 7-year limit, ask the following:o Have I searched for a more recent article???? -Try searching the databases using key words from the references that you have already-o Is there anything more recent that could replace it????o Does it contain important information that is relevant and has historical significance to the assessment task???? Can I justify using an older source for the academic assessment task???? Essay Template Use the headings and prompts below as a guide to help you write your essay- Introduction -10-15% of total length-• Provide context for your essay- background information about communication and health• Give an overview of the case study you have chosen-• Outline the main points you will discuss in the body-Use in text citations where required - ensure they are also reflected in your reference list-- Communication goal/goals relevant to the client -body paragraph 1-• Identify the relevant communication goal/goals to suit your client's needs Communication strategies -body paragraph 2-• What communication strategies would you employ to facilitate effective communication with your client????• How would you implement these strategies????Strategies for building rapport -body paragraph 3-• Discuss the strategies you could use to build rapport with your client-Potential communication barriers -body paragraph 4-• What do you believe to be some barriers, such as socio-cultural factors, to effective communication with this client????• How could you overcome these barriers????Considerations for inter-professional communication -body paragraph 5-• Consider at least 3 other health professionals you may communicate with regarding your patient/client's healthcare????• What considerations are present when communicating with other health professionals????• What are some challenges that could arise from this interprofessional communication???? Conclusion -10% of total length-• Remind reader of the purpose of the essay• Summarise the main points in your own words -no citations needed-• Provide a concluding statement or recommendations ReferencesReference list: Compile your in-text citations into a reference list applying APA 7 formatting conventions

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