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Assignment Detail:- HC1021 Interpersonal and E-Communication - Holmes Institute Purpose:This assessment consists of six -6- questions and is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit- Lecture materials and resources used during your studies at Holmes Institute should be sufficient to guide your answers BUT if you consult any external resources be sure to cite correctly and list as references at the end of each question, using Holmes adapted-Harvard style- Question 1As an employer, it's important to identify office safety hazards and create a safe workplace- Sometimes, injuries happen at workplace- Occationaly, the injury is caused by the employer and the employee is threatened by the employer if they have intention to report the case to Work Affair organisation- Is this behaviour of the employer misconduct???? In your opinion, what are the possible causes of this behaviour- Students are required to provide some examples to support their discussion- Question 2You were selected by your company to take part in a meeting organised by a multinational companies about the impact of therecent global rise in fuel prices- The first presentationwas delivered my a male CEO from Argentina, the second presentation was from a German male CEO and the third one was from an Australian female CEO- a- You noticed that the body language, gestures and facial expressions of these presenters are different-Based on the demographic information provided above, identify the key factors that might cause the differences between them and explain in detail the role of each factor- b- Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the organisers decide to hold this meeting virtually instead of organizing onsite- In your opinion, what are the factors that willimpact the quality of the meeting that organisers should have considered before making this decision???? Students are required to provide at least one reference to support their discussion Question 3Each communication channel has different target audience- Target audience will impact the message choiced, delivery methods and the content- a- You are working for APPLE Company and you are required to communicate to customers about the New iPhone which will be released next month- Identify who is target audience of new Iphone and what is the message that you want to send to this audience group b- If you have to make a choice, what is the approach that you would prefer to communicate to the target audience deductive or inductive- Provide the justification to your choice- Answer this question in 300 words with at least one reference supported- Question 4You have been offered a job in adigital content publisher in Australia- You are required to provide high quality publications- Based on the knowledge acquired from class, discuss the steps that you should take to ensure these publications are free from common errors- Provide example to support your discussionAnswer this question in 300 words Question 5The company has been receiving multiple complaints from customers about not answering their calls- You are asked by the manager to investigate the customers' complaints- You decide to contact randomly some customers who registered their complaints and discover that the customers have been calling after 6:00pm when the company offices are closed- Based on your knowledge of e-communication, what would you recommend the company to do in order to address this issue???? What are the specific guidelines you will follow to ensure your proposed solutionworks effectively???? Question 6 Answer this question in 300 words -support your answer with one academic reference and non-academic or industry reference--a- Every year, as a CEO of a company, you are required to write an annual formal report- In your opinion, what are the nesssary parts that you should mention in this report- Provide the justification for your choice b- Give three examples of emotional terms that should be avoided in thereport above- Briefly explain the main reasons why such terms should be avoided- Attachment:- Interpersonal and E-Communication-rar

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