Hack assembly programs can manipulate registers, RAM, and

Assignment Detail:- Handling Program in Hack Assembly Overview Hack assembly programs -*-asm code- can manipulate registers, RAM, and I/O devices in the Hack Computer- In this task, you will be using Hack assembly to manipulate the screen, depending on the keyboard input-Part requirements a- Go through week 7 class materials on Cloud Deakin & complete the problems in week 7 active learning sessions, so that you get an understanding of how to complete this task-b- Read the task instructions- Part Instructions 1- Using your knowledge gained from the learning materials and learning sessions in week 7, write a Hack assembly program Fill-asm to blacken the entire screen, depending on the keyboard input-• When a key is pressed -any key-, the entire screen should be black, that is, the program should set every pixel to black- When no key is pressed, the screen should be cleared -set to white--• This program runs an infinite loop that listens to the keyboard input-• You may choose to blacken and clear the screen in any spatial order, as long as pressing a key continuously for long enough will result in a fully blackened screen and not pressing any key for long enough will result in a cleared screen-• This program has a test script -Fill-tst- but no compare file-it should be checked by visibly inspecting the simulated screen- 2- Use the provided test scripts in task resources to test your implementation via the CPU Emulator tool, as shown in the lecture videos- There is a manual test script -Fill-tst- without a corresponding compare file, where you need to check the simulated screen visually for correct behaviour- Use the FillAutomatic-tst file to do automated testing- 3- In a document, explain how you arrived at the solution -1 page max-- 4- Upload the code and document to OnTrack-Reference Nisan, Noam, and Shimon Schocken- The Elements of Computing Systems : Building a Modern Com- puter from First Principles MIT Press, 2005

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