GEOS809 Igneous-Metamorphic Geology Methods and Processes

Assignment Detail:- GEOS809 Igneous-Metamorphic Geology Methods and Processes Assignment - University of Wollongong Assessment - 'Igmetia' This sheet gives you the background concerning your task in assessment the land 'Igmetia' borders upon an oceanic realm to the west- Previously, another geologist mapped the fringe of Igmetia and the islands to the west- However, some of the information has been lost, as was the report the geologist produced- Your task is to use the available resources to reconstruct the geological history of the region - particularly tied to geodynamic settings- You findings and synthesis will be condensed into a short PowerpointTM presentation- This will not be given to the whole class, but instead just marked by Allen Nutman- The template for your presentation is in the Moodle site- Your terms of reference/tasks are as follows: -i- For all rock types, classify them and establish their origin, including plate tectonic setting- This is done by constructing an east-west cross section from the map, then integrating the field mapping, outcrop photographs, recognition and description of the thin sections and whole rock geochemistry- -ii- Integrate all this information into a geological synthesis -oldest at bottom, to the youngest-, including the detailed plate tectonic setting-s-- This should include completing the legend on the map- The findings for components -i- and -ii- are then to be condensed into a simple 14 page- Assessment is built around a hypothetical island 'Igmetia'- In this Covid year, it is a substitute for undertaking a 'real' field trip- This assessment covers an appreciation of igneous and metamorphic geology, via integration of information from the 'theory' lectures, thin section and hand specimen studies and manipulating and interpreting geochemical data- It is designed so that it can be done over many weeks, rather than in a single burst of activity- Attachment:- Igneous-Metamorphic Geology Methods Assignment Files-rar

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