GDECE103 Language and Literacy in the Early Years

Assignment Detail:- GDECE103 Language and Literacy in the Early Years - Southern Cross Education Institute Assessment: Learning experiences Create five different inclusive language and literacy learning experiences to extend the skills of diverse early learners identified in your lectures -eg storytelling, printmaking, writing, music-- With reference to relevant literature, provide a rationale for each experience to explain how they are inclusive and extend the skills of diverse learners- Criteria• Create five different language and literacy experiences- Include this information in your design:o Aim of the learning experienceo Age of the children, number of children in your group -small group activity????-o Duration of the activity -e-g- 20 minutes???? 1 hour???? -o Link with EYLFo Teaching materials & resources that you will useo Teaching process- -e-g- How will you begin the activity???? Explain the process- What Is the educator's role???? What is the parents' role???? How will you end the activity????-• Discuss your rationale for each activity- Provide justification how the activity is inclusive and how it supports language development of children from diverse backgrounds- Refer to relevant literature-• Academic English expression and referencing - APA style-• Minimum 5 references- Attachment:- lesson plan template-rar

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