FIT5196 Data wrangling Assignment Help and Solution, Monash

Assignment Detail:- FIT5196 Data wrangling - Monash University For this assessment, you are required to write Python code to integrate several datasets into one single schema and find and fix possible problems in the data- Input and output of this assessment are shown below: Part 1: Data IntegrationIn this task, you are required to integrate the input datasets from several sources into one dataset with the following schema- Part 2: data reshaping In this task, you need to study the effect of different normalization/transformation methods -i-e- standardization, minmax normalization, log, power, box-cox transformation- on the columns scrapped and observe and explain their effect assuming we want to develop a linear model to predict the "House_quarterly_growth" using "Median_house_price", "House_twelve_month_growth", "House_average_annual_growth" attributes- When reshaping the data, we have two main criteria- First, we want our features to be in the same scale and second, we want our features to have as much linear relationship as possible with the target variable -i-e-, House_quarterly_growth-- You need to first explore the data to see if any scaling or transformation is necessary -if yes why???? and if not, also why????- and then perform appropriate actions and document your results and observations- Part 3: Documentation The main focus of the documentation would be on the quality of your explanation on task 2 but similar to the previous assignments, your notebook file should be in a decent format with proper sections and subsections- Attachment:- Python code-rar

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