FINM7403 Portfolio Management Case Study Assignment -

Portfolio Management Case Study Assignment - Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund

Task: Assume you work as an analyst at AFM (Australian Fund Masters), a Fund of Funds (FoF) investment manager. Your main Fund, the AFM Australia Equity Fund (AEF), invests in a range of Australian and International managed funds and your clients are predominantly Self-Managed Super Funds.

AFM had recently decided to create a library of Fund summaries on the managed funds which are currently owned by the AEF or may be considered for inclusion in the AEF. You have been asked by your portfolio manager to design and prepare the first fund summary which will cover the Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund. This Fund comprises a portfolio of ASX listed equities managed by Brisbane based fund manager, Hyperion.

Fund Summary:

The fund summary that you have been asked to produce, aims to capture salient information about the Hyperion fund and may include but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Fund governance;
  • Portfolio manager/s and investment team;
  • Fund fees;
  • Investment philosophy and process;
  • Risk and risk management
  • Investment universe;
  • Portfolio structure, composition and size;
  • Fund, objective, benchmark and performance.


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