Find the deflections and von Mises stress in the stringers

Assignment Detail:- Problem: For the wing-box, which is modeled as a closed thin-walled beam as shown in Figure 1, find the deflections and von Mises stress in the stringers as well as in the skins using MSC- Patran and MSC-Nastran- The stringers are denoted by thick lines and have an area, A = 4 cm2 and the skin has a thickness, t = 0-3 cm- The material properties for this wing-box are E = 68-9 GPa, G = 26 GPa, v = 0-33 and yield strength = 276 MPa- The applied load, P = 2500 N- Model stringers as bar elements and skin as triangular shell elements- The span of the wing box is 500 cm, and there is one rib located at the mid-span, which has a thickness of 0-4 cm- The wing box is symmetric about the horizontal axis and fixed at one end- Patran geometry and 3D displacements, and von Mises stress should be shown in the final report- Determine whether von Mises stress exceeds yield strength anywhere in the wing- Figure 1: Wing as a thin-walled beam

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