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Assignment Detail:- FINC13-301 Corporate Finance - Bond University Learning outcome 1: Explain various finance theories and concepts, and their interrelationship and influence on the financial management of a company- Learning outcome 2: Critically analyze financial management problems, and apply the relevant tools and techniques for financial decision making /corporate decisions Capital asset pricing model- The purpose of every investor is to maximise the return and minimise risk- Capital asset pricing model describes the relationship between risk and expected return- The basic premise of capital asset pricing model is that the stocks with a higher beta yield higher returns for the investors- In the context of the above write a report addressing the following: 1- Introduction - A brief discussion on capital asset pricing model theory, benefits, and criticism-2- Discussion on Beta -β- value, the risk return relationship and the techniques applied for computing the same3- Review of the existing literature on the topic-4- Empirical evidence - select ten sample companies from Muscat Securities Market and download the data from the relevant databases for a period of five years -2016-2020- and carry out the below tasks:a- Compute the returns and beta of the selected securities on monthly datab- Evaluate the risk return relationship and analyze whether securities with high beta resulted in high returns justify or support your views with appropriate statistical tools, and link it to literaturec- Examine any significant difference between the companies having high risk and low risk securities-d- Classify the sample companies based on the high risk and low risk beta values and provide recommendations to the investors-e- An appropriate conclusion based on the findings of your report- You need to• Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the Capital Asset Pricing Model and Risk return relationship-• Review the academic literature relating to CAPM and risk return relationship-• Collect and compute the relevant data from appropriate sources• Analyze data and apply appropriate tools and techniques to substantiate the results• Ability to evaluate the results of the analysis , and give recommendations• The report should be properly structured and most of the task should be addressed-• Conclusions should be evident and be supported with some reasoning-• The report should show some compliance to HARVARD STYLE referencing Attachment:- Corporate Finance-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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