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Assignment Detail:- DATA6000 Capstone - Industry Case Studies Assessment - Literature Review Your Part Generate a unique business question which can be explored using available data sources and analytics methodologies mastered in the business analytics degrees- Assessment Description• An individual report of 1000 words• Students are to research the application of one analytics method to an industry and document their findings as a report Assessment Instructions The first part of any good research project is a literature review- In approximately 1000 words -excluding referencing- address the following sections which will assist you to outline a business industry problem that can be addressed through data analytics- 1- Industry Background:Chose an Industry, e-g- healthcare, retail, education, finance, recreation, government, etc- and discuss three key business problems currently facing this industry- 2- Existing Analysis and Methodologies:Research and evaluate existing analysis on the three business problems you have chosen and reflect on the data and analytics methodologies that may have been employed this this analysis- Explain and demonstrate the type-s- of internal company data you would ideally need access to in order to achieve your objectives- 3- Data Sources: Evaluate the types of data sources available to analysts in this industry- Explore the available data sources you can access to address the three business problems you identified in this industry and evaluate what type of descriptive and predictive analytics techniques could potentially be applied to it- Provide AT LEAST THREE VISUALISATIONS that demonstrate the applicability and relevant of your dataset to your research objective-s-- 4- Selecting Business Problem: Generate a unique business question for this industry based on one of the business problems- This is the business problem you will address in Assessment 4 -Industry research report-- For the business problem you select summarise briefly:1- the data source you will use2- the methodologies you will explore -brief-3- the originality of your contribution -WHY is your analysis unique given existing analysis- 5- Provide at least ten relevant, credible references to support your ideas and explanations- Use the Harvard referencing system recommended in the "Study Support Resources" section of the portal- Attachment:- Literature Review-rar

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