Explore latest system analysis and design trends,

Assignment Detail:- HI5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design ObjectivesThis assessment relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the Unit of Study Guide- This assessment is designed to give students skills to explore latest system analysis and design trends, challenges, and future directions- Topic and Instructions Systems Analysis and Design -SAD- is undoubtedly a pillar in the field of Information Systems -IS-- Some researchers have even claimed that SAD is the field that defines the Information Systems discipline and is the core of information systems- The past decades have seen the development of Structured SAD methodologies and Object-Oriented Methodologies- In the early 1990s, key players in the field collaborated to develop the Unified Modelling Language and the Unified Process- Agile approaches followed, as did other dynamic methods- These approaches remain heavily employed in the development of contemporary information systems- At the same time, new approaches such as DevOps and DevSecOps continue to emerge- For this assignment you need to explore these trends in SAD- You need to review past and present SAD research, discusses current challenges, and provides insights that can assist SAD researchers to identify future SAD research streams and important future research directions- Structure of the paper should include:• Title of research• Abstract• Introduction• Literature Review• Discussion• Conclusion Attachment:- Business Systems Analysis and Design-rar

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