Explain your creative aims in relation to the essay topic,

Assignment Detail:- INSTRUCTION • Always write out in full the question you are choosing to answer- This is polite for your marker, who is reading a number of different essay topics- • Write a "creative essay" of 1000 words in response to one of the creative essay topics below- This means a good, coherent, well-written story/play/etc- It's a little like fan-fiction--- if you are familiar with that genre- • Write a critical appendix of 500 words, in which you explain your creative aims in relation to the essay topic, the primary text and concepts studied in the unit- • You must quote from the primary text -the set book or film related to the question- and at least one secondary scholarly source in your critical appendix- Failure to do so will result in a reduction of your mark- • Format your essay in 12-point Times New Roman font using 1-5 line spacing and ample margins to allow room for your marker's feedback- • Keep in mind that you are not permitted to write on the same text twice- In other words, your creative essay and appendix -assignment #2- and critical essay -assignment #4- must each focus on different texts-

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